MAFS UK fans call out Peggy's 'villain' mum as daughter makes heartbreaking decision

Married At First Sight viewers also criticised Laura's 'brutal' dumping of Arthur

MAFS UK: Will Peggy make the heartbreaking decision to end things with Georges after her mum's advice? (Channel 4)
MAFS UK: Will Peggy make the heartbreaking decision to end things with Georges after her mum's advice? (Channel 4)

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MAFS UK viewers heavily criticised Peggy's mum for not giving her approval of Georges as her daughter was left torn in two over her marriage.

Of course, Peggy and Georges have had a rocky marriage but they had begun to fall for one another as the TV experiment comes to an end.

The couples had five days to decide the fate of their marriages as they must either test the waters of their romance on the outside or go their separate ways forever.

When Peggy returned home to her family home in Kent, she faced a grilling from her mum and sister who questioned her future with George - leaving Peggy uncertain on her final vows.

What, how and why?

Georges committed to Peggy during his final vow renewal (Channel 4)
Georges committed to Peggy during his final vow renewal (Channel 4)

Devastated Peggy faced the agonising decision to go against her mum and give her marriage a go on the outside or to dump George when she was falling for him.

Her family have made no secret that they don't approve of George after he failed to make a good impression on them during in-laws week.

And in homestay week, Peggy's parents delivered the harshest of truths that he wasn't the son in law they wanted for her.

So when it was coming up to the final vow renewals, Peggy's mum and sister cast doubt over whether the marriage had any longterm potential.

At their home, Peggy's mum had no qualms telling her daughter that her she didn't approve. "I wouldn't pick him," she said. "He's a bit crude."

She then asked her daughter difficult questions including: "If you were to get pregnant, do you think he could provide for you?"

Peggy admitted: "Not at the moment." In the piece to camera, she said: "All the doubts have resurfaced... I’m devastated I've not got my mum’s approval. I never normally go against my mum’s opinion. She is usually right. This is the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make."

Peggy had begun to fall for Georges as the TV experiment comes to an end (Channel 4)
Peggy had begun to fall for Georges as the TV experiment comes to an end (Channel 4)

Viewers were outraged by Peggy's mum's remarks about Georges as they waited nervously to find out whether the couple would choose to stay together.

"Peggy's leather-faced mum is the real villain of the show," one fan wrote on social media.

Others added: "Peggy's family are rats just say if he makes you happy that's all I want."

"Peggy's mum is a nasty cow, I wonder how daddy made his millions with that attitude I'm sure he came from nothing."

"Will Peggy think more of her dreadful family than of Georges?"

"Peggy and her family... just horrible."

"Nobody deserves Peggy's parents as in-laws. Georges deserves much better."

"Any decent family would hide their feelings towards their child's partner if they made them happy. Peggy's parents and sister have a cultish air about them George is better off without them."

"Peggy's mom is a horrible human being! Sorry not sorry."

Will Georges be left heartbroken? (Channel 4)
Will Georges be left heartbroken? (Channel 4)

Later in the episode, Peggy and George come face to face again at the lake for their vow renewals where they were both fighting their tears.

Georges was crying as he opened his heart to Peggy and shared his hopes of their future.

He said: "You showed me emotions I didn’t think I was capable of having. All I wanted to do was find someone who understands me. I’m hard work at times.

"I adore so many things about you. Your humour, intelligence, classiness, beauty, ambition, however I think it’s fair to say we’ve had lots of challenges... Thank you for giving me a chance. Thank you for always having my back."

Peggy took a deep breath before she begun her speech and revealed her heart was broken.

Peggy faces heartbreak either way (Channel 4)
Peggy faces heartbreak either way (Channel 4)

She said: "It broke my heart hearing my family didn’t think you were right for me. They’re the people that know me best. They know I need someone to match my hardworking nature especially if we were to have a family. They were unsure you could do that. It worries me on the outside you’ll prove them right."

The episode ended with Peggy saying: "I am an over-thinker. I have thought over and over again - whether we can work or whether this is game over for us. Sorry."

Viewers will have to wait until Tuesday to find out whether Peggy and George stay together.

What else happened on Married At First Sight?

Laura and Arthur

Laura was called brutal by fans for her vows (Channel 4)
Laura was called brutal by fans for her vows (Channel 4)

Fans also criticised Laura for her "brutal" dumping of Arthur after Monday's rollercoaster vow renewal episode sparked conversation on social media.

Arthur had put his heart on the line for Laura but she delivered a cutting vow renewal speech to break up their TV marriage.

The TV starlet didn't hold back, saying: "I have to be honest, I've been troubled by nagging doubts. I worry I begin to lose myself in the process. Have you always brought the best out in me?"

She added: "Being away from our little bubble has reminded me of challenges we have faced and come through them together...

"However, speaking to my friends has reminded me of the person I am. I know we’ve grown as individuals during this process. But the more I grow as a person, the more I grow apart from you.

"I’ve always been a fixer but I realise this relationship cannot be fixed. You’ve helped me realise what you don’t want. Thank you for making me realise who I am, you will be perfect for someone but it won’t be me."

Viewers felt Arthur deserved better from Laura (Channel 4)
Viewers felt Arthur deserved better from Laura (Channel 4)

Viewers were left disappointed with Laura's "brutal" speech that ended the marriage - with many close to tears saying that Arthur didn't deserve it.

Among the sea of comments, fans wrote: "Wow Laura's vows were so brutal. Talk about giving him hope and then ripping his heart out in the space of five minutes."

"Wow the women were brutal. Laura went home and found herself again... she found the stuck up, cold mean girl."

"Why couldn't Laura just say 'Thank you I'm not sure we would work' or something, rather than be so brutal? He did not deserve that. So unnecessary."

"Arthur deserved better than that."

"Arthur's final vows. That outcome. I'm literally crying. We love you Arthur. You deserve so much better."

"Nearly cried for Arthur then."

"Thought that was a bit too brutal on Arthur. She could have been a bit nicer. Felt like it was her evil stepsisters talking."

"I stuck up for Laura many times and she's absolutely disappointed me. Arthur might not be perfect but honey you're from Portsmouth not Chelsea don't stick your nose up at people."

Laura said Arthur's vows made her final decision harder (Channel 4)
Laura said Arthur's vows made her final decision harder (Channel 4)

Arthur was left devastated by the vows. "That made me feel like crap," he told the piece to camera.

"Ultimately I was trying to make things work on the outside, I’m really gutted she didn’t feel the same way. We could have had something special. Her decision is her decision I’ve got to respect it. I don’t really know what else to say, sorry."

After the split, Laura broke down in tears. She said: "Arthur's vows made it difficult for me, I took a chance and it didn’t pay off but it paid off in so many other ways. I actually do love the person who I am and I’m moving on with a lot more confidence and that is pretty amazing. I’m going to miss Arthur but the ring is off. That is done."

Jordan and Erica

Jordan and Erica found their happy ever after (Channel 4)
Jordan and Erica found their happy ever after (Channel 4)

But love was in the air for Jordan and Erica who committed to each other in the vow renewal ceremony.

Jordan had told his mum he was going to do everything he could to make the relationship work. He said: "I want to be able to say I've tried everything."

Totally devoted, the star even detailed his plans to move to work in a gym around Edinburgh and live with Erica's family.

Erica had a few concerns about Jordan relying so much on her which she shared with her friend but ultimately she decided to give their love a try on the outside world.

The TV star confessed she felt so stressed before the couple shared their decisions with each other.

Jordan said: "I hoped for a love story, never for one minute did I think it would happen... I’ve developed feelings so strong it scares me. I want our love story to have a happy ever after."

In response, Erica said: "The lows have sometimes been too difficult to bare. They’ve made me doubt the strength and future of our marriage. We’ve struggled with communication. There have been a lot of occasions when I feel I haven’t been heard.

"Being apart has given me time to think about marriage, and everything we’ve been through, it’s given me the distance to be honest with myself and now today with you. I care about you and I want you to be happy, but are we really doing what’s best to make each other happy? I really do hope so. So we can be the best version of ourselves together. I don’t doubt how hard this is going to be. When I think of the future, I think of you by my side. Here’s to chapter two!"

Married At First Sight continues on Tuesday at 9pm on E4.

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