MAFS UK reunion: Jordan and Erica in explosive screaming match over kiss rumours

MAFS UK reunion: Peggy and Georges also reveal they haven't had sex yet - but they are still a couple

MAFS UK's Erica and Jordan get into screaming match at dinner party reunion (Channel 4)
MAFS UK's Erica and Jordan get into screaming match at dinner party reunion (Channel 4)

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MAFS UK’s Jordan and Erica were locked in a fiery row over rumours of a kiss on a night out as the dinner party reunion served up plenty of drama.

No wonder MAFS has boosted Channel 4's streaming ratings.

Over dinner, fellow Married At First Sight contestant Luke stoked the flames of the fire when he showed the whole group a photograph of Jordan in the back of a taxi with his arm around the blonde girl who tried to kiss him.

Despite having come to the reunion happily as a couple, Erica ended the night in hysterical tears and Jordan stormed off.

Tensions were rising when they became locked in an expletive-laden screaming match over a girl trying to kiss Jordan - even though he didn't reciprocate it and had pulled away.

With the couple now not speaking to each other, will MAFS UK couple Erica and Jordan's marriage survive this?

What, how and why?

MAFS UK's Erica and Jordan walked in as a happy couple (Channel 4)
MAFS UK's Erica and Jordan walked in as a happy couple (Channel 4)

The drama started when Thomas - who has split from his partner Ros - brought up the Jordan kiss with Paul. He said: “Should I talk about the elephant in the room? Was it the blonde or brunette who Jordan kissed?”

Paul pointed out to Thomas that it was the mystery blonde who had kissed Jordan, rather than the other way round and that Jordan had pulled away.

When Erica got wind of the whispers, she demanded that Jordan sit down as she confronted him about how the kiss happened.

She said: “What’s worse now is all the lies he’s told after this! Jordan! Take a seat. You did not tell me a girl tried to kiss you, smack her lips on you and you had to pull away. Give me a yes or a no. I’m going to f***ing lose my s***.”

Jordan tried to calm Erica down by explaining what happened simply but his explanation only makes her angrier. He said: “She tried to kiss me and I pushed her away.”

MAFS UK's Erica confronted Jordan in front of the others (Channel 4)
MAFS UK's Erica confronted Jordan in front of the others (Channel 4)

Erica hit back: “You could have literally just said a girl tried to kiss me.”

“What do you mean?” Puzzled Jordan asked.

Erica screamed: “Are you not hearing what I am saying? Tell her to f*** off! What are you, stupid?”

Jordan tried to pour cold water on the situation as he said: “I’ve not lied about it.”

“Keep your mouth shut,” Erica snapped back.

Jordan said: “I do everything for you. I didn’t reciprocate it.”

Erica and Jordan join the rest of the couples at dinner but they sit in a stormy silence.

The honesty box reignited the spark of the fight as Jordan admitted: “I should have told Erica and went into details more.”

MAFS UK's Erica gets angrier with Jordan
MAFS UK's Erica gets angrier and angrier as the episode unfolded (Channel 4)

Erica lashed out at her partner, saying: “Own your own s***. I’m p**** off you.”

The star said she wanted Jordan to tell her about the rumour was and lay the facts out for her.

“Why didn’t you just say, ‘I f***ed up?’ You expect me to trust you again. Do I trust you? Do I f***?” She screamed.

Tensions then escalated when Erica demanded to see the photograph of Jordan with the blonde who tried to kiss him.

Jordan tried to explain the photo saying the girl was very drunk and he had helped her but it only provoked more of a reaction from Erica.

“You’ve got your arm around her,” she said. “You’ve got your arm around her. I’m a f***ing hero.”

MAFS UK's Jordan tried to defend himself (Channel 4)
MAFS UK's Jordan tried to defend himself (Channel 4)

Erica then speculated when the kiss happened sparking a fury inside Jordan who said: “Stop accusing me of stuff that didn’t happen.”

Jordan continued to defend himself saying the other guys on the night out witnessed what happened.

“Who the f*** are you to raise your voice?” Erica said before Jordan stormed off.

The whole dinner party fell into a deafening silence and an emotional Erica broke down in tears.

She sobbed: “I’ve been mugged off so many times. It never works. I always end up getting hurt. This has happened so many times. I can't give someone that chance again. I’m so done. I don’t want to go through it again.”

Watching the drama play out, the dating experts said they will “unpick” what happened with the couple in the second part of the reunion in a hope to mend the bond.

What else happened on Married At First Sight UK's reunion?

MAFS UK: Will Erica and Jordan's marriage survive? (Channel 4)
MAFS UK: Will Erica and Jordan's marriage survive? (Channel 4)

Drama ensued as all the couples were brought back together for the first time.

Peggy and Georges shocked the other contestants when they admitted they were yet to have sex but they were still very much a couple.

There were plenty of tears. Worlds away from the romantic scenes that played out on Tuesday, Adrienne was crying when she arrived at the reunion.

It turned out Matt and Adrienne had split up because she felt he hadn't given her enough attention. Reunited again, they got into a fiery war of words over how their marriage broke down.

Shona was devastated to tell the group that Brad had called things off with her and said he failed to form an emotional attachment, despite telling her he loved her in the first week.

Jordan and Erica found their happy ever after (Channel 4)
What will the dating experts say about Jordan and Erica's fallout? (Channel 4)

Thomas and Ros enjoyed a sweet reunion but Ros was tearful when Thomas told her his mum was hurt by how things had ended between them.

And if there weren't enough tears already, Jay broke down after Luke brutally rejected her again.

There was an apology too: Ella said sorry to Bianca for stealing JJ but Bianca left "fuming" they were no longer together.

JJ however tried to let Bianca down gently saying that even though him and Ella hadn't worked out, he was sure that he wasn't right for Bianca.

Plus, Arthur turned up in a gym vest top and left his ex Laura less than impressed. He opened up about his hurt following her cutting vows to him.

We can't wait to see how the rest of the reunion will play out.

Married At First Sight will finish on Thursday at 9pm on E4.

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