Man Allegedly Possessing Gun, Ammunition Arrested Outside US Vice President's Residence

A Texas man wanted by police was arrested on suspicion of carrying a weapon and possessing unregistered ammunition near the US vice president’s residence on March 17, local news reports said.

NBC 4 Washington reported that an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, 113 rounds of ammunition, and several gun clips were found in a car belonging to the suspect, identified locally as 31-year-old Paul Murray of San Antonio.

Footage by Andrew Leyden shows a man in handcuffs standing with police near the US Naval Observatory, where the vice president usually resides. A police spokesperson told Storyful they could not confirm whether or not the person in the footage is the suspect. However, he is similar in appearance to a photo released by law enforcement. See here.

According to The Hill, Vice President Kamala Harris has not yet moved into the residence.

Murray was apprehended in response to an intelligence bulletin that originated from Texas, NBC 4 said. Credit: Andrew Leyden/penguinsix via Storyful