Man with throat cancer ‘shoots dead the colleague who introduced him to smoking’

A man diagnosed with throat cancer is accused of shooting dead the work colleague who introduced him to smoking.

Mustakeem Ahmad, 25, allegedly told police in India that he was angry at his workmate, named only as Inayat, because he introduced him to cigarettes and marijuana.

The Hindustan Times  reported that Ahmad worked at his brother-in-law’s restaurant in west Delhi and was angry at Inayat, 25, from Myanmar, after he was told his throat cancer was smoking-related.

The pair both worked as chefs at the restaurant. Inayat had worked there for 18 months.

He had never smoked until he was introduced to cigarettes by his colleague, it was reported.

After being given his cancer diagnosis, Ahmad allegedly bought a gun and practised firing it so he would not miss when he confronted Inayat.


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Investigator Shibesh Singh said: ‘Though Ahmad and Inayat were friends at the workplace, Inayat was reportedly better at his job and well-behaved and soon became the favourite of the restaurant owner.

‘In the course of time, Ahmad developed throat infection, forcing him to consult a doctor.

‘Ahmad has claimed that the doctor told him he had developed throat cancer due to excessive smoking.’

Chef Mustakeem Ahmad is accused of killing his colleague (Picture: Rex)

Police believe Ahmad bought the gun in his village of Amroha before returning to Delhi.

It was reported that he asked his brother-in-law to sack Inayat before opening fire.

Police said: ‘He was carrying his loaded pistol to the restaurant and had planned to kill Inayat if he failed to get him fired from the job.

‘Ahmad ended up picking a fight with Inayat. He later shot at him in the middle of the argument.’

Ahmad was arrested on Friday, a day after Inayat was shot dead.