Many Hands: Passengers Unite to Pick Up Spilled Legos in London Train Station

Many hands made light work at London’s Euston train station on August 21, when passersby united to help a woman gather the pieces of her spilled Lego set.

Journalist Rob McGibbon captured this video. He posted it to Twitter.

McGibbon described the scene in his Twitter caption: “The great moment a woman accidentally tore open the 3,200-piece box of Lego she’d just bought for her daughter’s birthday…Many hands helped build it back at Euston Station.”

In the video, a group of people can be seen cheerfully squatting and bending to the ground, scooping up handfuls of the little plastic bricks and depositing them back into the box.

McGibbon later posted another Tweet asking for the “Lego lady” to make contact with him if she saw the shout-out. Credit: Rob McGibbon via Storyful

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