Marcia Gay Harden's Goodbye To So Help Me Todd Was Bittersweet (And The Fans Had Thoughts)

 Season 1 So Help Me Todd scene with Skyler Astin and Marcia Gay Harden driving in a car. .
Season 1 So Help Me Todd scene with Skyler Astin and Marcia Gay Harden driving in a car. .

It’s hard to believe we had to say goodbye to the quirky charmer So Help Me Todd just a few weeks ago. Among all the 2024 canceled TV shows, the decision over the legal dramedy was one that really struck a chord with fans. And that has continued even as Marcia Gay Harden Shared her own goodbye post to the short-lived but well-loved series.

The actress starred opposite Skylar Astin as a mother-son duo in So Help Me Todd. The night the Season 2 finale wrapped on the 2024 TV schedule, she took to social media to thank the fans for sticking around until the bittersweet end. It was a true lady in red moment for the actress, but what's sticking out most to me was that she took the time to share a message about the team that made the show so great.

While she kept an upbeat attitude about the changes coming to her work schedule, the fans were not so pleased. Obviously, they were more upset about the cancelation than her kind words for them. And they did not hold back when it came to their feelings.

  • kelliewilde “So upset!! This show was one of my favorite parts of the week!!! I hope another network picks it up or something!! HOW could a show this GOOD get cancelled?! It makes no sense!!!”

  • Nank 38: “Why bring back Matlock when you have Margaret? I enjoyed every moment! ❤”

  • lmarie_1985: “Currently an emotional, pissed off wreck right now. You all will be missed! Can’t wait to see what else lies ahead for you 🖤🤧”

There are plenty more comments in this vein with dozens if not hundreds of likes from fans who stuck around for the show’s whole run.

Even fellow actress Camryn Manheim commented on the post, calling her fellow TV actress “a movie star.” Intriguingly, Manheim is most known for her own legal drama The Practice, in the 1990s, but she’s also known for starring with Marcia Gay Harden in projects like Code Black.

I loved your show. But damn girl…you are a movie star.

The actress did previously muse to to Us Weekly that it’s not just the fans, and it’s not just the cast, and it’s not just the crew who created the show who are sad about the show exiting stage left. In fact, she believes it was a tough decision for CBS to actually make, noting, So Help Me Todd was really well-liked by the powers that be at the network.

CBS loved our show…[it likely] made them sad as well to have to cancel it.

This was confirmed when CEO George Cheeks called the So Help Me Todd cancelation "heartbreaking."

CBS itself has been pretty open and honest that tough choices had to be made this TV season with shows like CSI: Vegas getting canceled and NCIS: Hawai'i not making it through May sweeps this year. One CBS head honcho said she hates it when the network doesn't "get to give shows proper endings," but that's exactly how the cookie crumbled this year.