Marjorie Taylor Greene calls Biden a ‘mob boss’ for helping Ukraine resist Putin’s invasion

Right-wing Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia compared President Joe Biden to a mob boss for sending aid to Ukraine to combat Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of the country.

Ms Greene made the remarks on conservative activist Charlie Kirk’s show on Real America’s voice as Mr Biden has requested additional aid to Ukraine.

The Georgia Republican, who has consistently opposed aiding Ukraine in the conflict, said sending humanitarian assistance was actually a cover for money laundering.

“And that's what's happening over in Ukraine,” she said. “And that's another thing that we need oversight and accountability on. I voted no on all of that.”

She said that she knew that the war would drive up the cost of energy and give Mr Putin more money.

“And now he's making deals with India with China and many more countries.” she said. “This isn't hurting him. This is helping him.”

Ms Greene said the increased cost of food also hurt farmers in the United States, which angered her.

“And so all of this has been a scam and it's been just a typical mob boss move of Joe Biden because that's all he is like a mob boss and and a current business dealer, funneling US taxpayer dollars,” she said.

The words come as Mr Putin intends to officially annex the Donetsk, Kherson, Luhansk and Zaporizhzhia regions of Ukraine after Russia held sham referendums in the areas.