Is this Marks and Spencer display sexist? Debate erupts on 'Good Morning Britain'

A Marks & Spencer’s window display sparked a heated debate about sexism on Good Morning Britain today (November 21).

The display, which was split into two halves, showed off his and hers Christmas presents, with smart suits for the men on one side and skimpy underwear for women on the other.

The men’s half of the display read: “Must have outfits to impress.” While the women’s half read: “”Must have fancy little knickers.”

Appearing on the morning show, guests Lizzie Cundy and Anna May Mangan debated with hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid whether or not the display is sexist.

Mangan argued that the display was offensive because it implied men dress to succeed, while women undress to succeed.

Morgan asked Mangan if she’d still be offended if she saw a window display of a man wearing just underwear, to which she replied: “No, because it’s about equality. Women are undressed in a shop window and men are off to work in their suits.”

But a bemused Cundy hit back: “But Marks and Spencer’s biggest categories are women’s underwear and men’s suits.

The Marks and Spencer display window in question. (Twitter)
The Marks and Spencer display window in question. (Twitter)

“I like to go window shopping. I like to walk by and go ‘that looks nice, I’d like to go in and buy that’,” she added.

Mangan insisted that it’s insulting that women have to take their clothes off to sell items and men don’t, which prompted Reid to ask: “Is it not our fault, though, if women’s underwear is the biggest seller and men’s suits are the biggest seller? That’s the equality.”

The majority of viewers seemed to disagree with May, one person writing on Twitter: “Absolutely ridiculous, I am sick of all this feminist stuff! I’m sure lots of women like to feel sexy in nice underwear and I love seeing David Gandy in his!”

But of course several viewers also shared the sentiment that the display was indeed sexist, and should include both women and men’s underwear. One said Mangan had ‘a valid point’ and called Marks and Spencer ‘pants.’

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