Piers Morgan implores public to name and shame five arrested over Grenfell Tower effigy

Piers Morgan has made an emotional plea on Good Morning Britain to name and shame the five men arrested over burning a Grenfell Tower effigy – even it means him getting arrested.

The controversial 53-year-old host slammed the shocking act as ‘vile’ and ‘vomit-making’ and begged the show’s viewers to get in contact with him if they are able to identify any of the men involved.

“So much effort, so much work went into this, the worst kind of vile racism.

“Honestly it’s vomit-making, this should be a criminal offence, you can be arrested for saying bad things on Twitter and this is far worse, the world has picked up on it, The Washington Post printed it,” Morgan said.

He even added he’d ‘happily’ go to prison over it.

“If I can shame them I’ll go to prison quite happily. If you know these people, let us know, why should they have any anonymity over what they’ve done? Let’s name and shame them,” he said.

A visibly emotional Morgan then took a few moments to compose himself only to reiterate why the issue has enraged him to such a degree.

“If you don’t know why I’m so angry about it watch it, take two minutes out of your life to watch it, it is beyond sickening,” he said.

Later on in the discussion he added several sickening details of the effigy, including a baby being present.

“There was a baby on that effigy, on the ground floor, they put a baby on a bonfire. Somebody spent a long time making that model,” he added.

Five men have been arrested over suspicion of a public order offence after handing themselves in as the culprit of the effigy.

Their names remain protected under law, but they are of 19, 46, 55 and two 49 years of age. The Grenfell Tower tragedy left 72 dead, and an inquiry into the incident remains ongoing.

Morgan also stunned viewers on today’s show when he ‘went rogue’ and pulled his earpiece out after producers told him off for talking for too long.

A defiant Morgan told producers they could stick their ‘carefully crafted segments’ to ‘where the sun don’t shine’ because ‘we’re having a bit of fun and a chat.’

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