'Married At First Sight Australia': Which couples are still together from series nine?

Brent and Tamara at their 'Married At First Sight Australia' wedding (Channel 4)
Which Married At First Sight Australia couples stayed together? (Channel 4)

Cheating scandals, glass smashing and the biggest bride fallout of any series so far - it's been a dramatic season nine for Married At First Sight Australia, which has now wrapped up the experiment for another year.

Quite a few couples managed to make it through to the final vows episode, but of course that isn't quite the finish line, with a last full-cast dinner party, a reunion episode and six weeks outside of the MAFS bubble to navigate.

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Of the five couples who completed the season nine experiment, who is still together?

Which MAFSA season nine couples are still together?

Selina and Cody

Cody and Selina. (Channel 4)
Cody and Selina split at the last minute. (Channel 4)

It was a rocky journey for Selina and Cody, with the personal trainer telling his bride early on that he was put off any attraction to her because of her nationality.

Somehow, Selina managed to get over those comments and struggle through months of Cody refusing hugs, hand-holding, affection and talking about feelings to both say yes at final vows.

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It was a hugely surprising result, but despite the couple telling others at the final dinner party that she was due to move in with him, a shock reunion episode saw them announce to the group that they had split at the end of the dinner party.

Selina looked devastated and confused as she said that Cody, who had often talked about lacking empathy, had dumped her out of nowhere and told the experts it made her feel "silly" for planning a future with him.

Olivia and Jackson

Olivia and Jackson. (Channel 4)
Olivia and Jackson have moved in together. (Channel 4)

The series' most controversial couple was mild-mannered Jackson and drama-fuelled Olivia, whose animosity with fellow bride Domenica overshadowed much of the show.

Of course, the reunion episode addressed the rivalry as much as their relationship, shocking the group with footage of Olivia stirring up bad feeling towards Dom by claiming she had "fashioned a weapon" by smashing a glass, circulating a photo from Dom's OnlyFans account around the group, and making a number of vicious comments.

Even though Jackson claimed to have concerns about Olivia's love of bearing a grudge and how she might get on with his friends, he moved to New South Wales to live with her.

The couple are still together and have been spotted out on a double date with previous series controversial couple Melissa and Bryce, and their twin babies.

Dom and Jack

Domenica and Jack. (Channel 4)
Domenica and Jack remain close friends. (Channel 4)

Everyone loved Domenica and Jack who seemed perfectly matched in every way, so it was a big surprise when Dom expressed doubts just before final vows.

They did choose to stay together but had split by the time the reunion rolled around, saying there had been various miscommunications about whether they were just friends.

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However, the experts saw that sparks were still clearly flying and they both continued to support each other through every controversy thrown at them, giving hope that a reunion could eventually be on the cards.

Although they're still single, their social media shows them still spending lots of time together and continuing their close bond with nothing but good things to say about each other.

Fingers crossed Dom and Jack could be a couple again at some point in the future.

Ella and Mitch

Ella and Mitch. (Channel 4)
Ella and Mitch had a confused ending. (Channel 4)

Ella and Mitch were a bit of an anomaly - they shut down from the drama of the show fairly early on and refused to give much away at the commitment ceremonies, complaining about how difficult they found being on camera.

There was clearly a strong bond between the pair and despite Mitch saying he wasn't ready to make a decision at final vows, he later rekindled things with Ella.

By the reunion, the couple seemed rock solid as they laughed off claims from Tamara that Mitch had been contacting her on the sly.

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Sad news for Ella and Mitch fans, though - the beautician has since said that Mitch dropped her after the series ended and she says she hasn't seen him since the reunion.

Mitch may have protested too much about Tamara as the pair have since been photographed together and Ella has given interviews suggesting that she believes they may have been secretly involved throughout the show.

Ella may yet get a happy ending to her time on MAFSA, though, with a new partner...

Tamara and Brent

Brent and Tamara. (Channel 4)
Brent and Tamara rowed frequently. (Channel 4)

One particularly explosive couple in this year's show was Tamara and Brent, who viewers could not quite believe made it through their wedding meeting, let alone to final vows.

Along the way they had a huge number of blow-ups about Tamara's lack of respect for Brent's career and her claims that she was moody, but a huge spat in the final days of the experiment where Tamara admitted she wasn't sure what hospitality venue manager Brent did and thought he might be a waiter drew an end to things.

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The final vows ceremony saw Brent let rip about his feelings towards Tamara before storming out, but worse was yet to come at the reunion when he exposed her attempts to contact Mitch behind his back.

It was a humiliating reunion for Tamara, who at one point walked out of the set, and since then she has left a number of abusive voicemails for other series contestants and Australia's So Dramatic! podcast host Megan Pustetto which apparently culminated in her losing her job.

Meanwhile, Brent has been spending time getting to know Ella and has said he's taking it slowly but that he wishes they'd been matched.

Carolina and Dan

Outcast couple Carolina and Dan never made it to final vows because technically, they were never a part of the show.

Carolina was originally matched with Dion, the group's favourite groom, but wasn't interested in him romantically and started a secret relationship with Dan, who had been ditched early on by his bride Jess.

They announced themselves as a couple by walking into a commitment ceremony hand in hand, but the group was disgusted at their actions and the experts wouldn't allow them to stay in the experiment together.

It didn't stop them from reemerging for girls' and boys' night, the final dinner party and the reunion, where they stirred up as much trouble as possible and were turned on by everyone they spoke to.

Carolina and Dan do still seem to be together, though, saying that they don't regret their actions because it lead to them finding love.

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