'Married At First Sight Australia' is back for series 9 - here's who's marrying who

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Mel Schilling, John Aiken and Alessandra Rampolla are back for 'Married At First Sight Australia' series 9. (Channel 4)
Mel Schilling, John Aiken and Alessandra Rampolla are back for 'Married At First Sight Australia' series 9. (Channel 4)

Great news for Married At First Sight Australia fans - not only is the show returning with series nine, it's set to launch in the UK just weeks after its debut Down Under.

The dating show, which sees couples matched and meeting for the first time at their weddings, was a huge hit for E4 in its previous two series and has now caught up with the Australian schedule by starting on Monday (21 February).

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Series nine only launched in Australia at the end of January, so UK viewers, who have previously had to wait more than a year between the show airing in its homeland and on E4, are now almost up to date with all the action.

As usual, the series will go heavy on the drama-filled dinner party scenes which see the couples regularly reunited to fight out their issues over a boozy meal.

Romance is in the air for a ninth series. (Channel 4)
Romance is in the air for a ninth series. (Channel 4)

They'll also repeat the couples' retreat - a group holiday - from last series, and will face challenges such as intimacy week, confessions week and the honesty box, as well as seeing the return of home stays which were cancelled last season because of COVID restrictions.

Relationship experts Mel Schilling, John Aiken and Alessandra Rampolla all return to guide the new couples through what is often a rocky start to married life.

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Last year, the UK series of Married At First Sight replicated the Australian show's success by giving its own format a glamorous revamp with dinner parties and a group home at an apartment block.

The bride and groom rating task makes an unwelcome return. (Channel 4)
The bride and groom rating task makes an unwelcome return. (Channel 4)

It has also been confirmed that the UK series will return this year and is currently casting singles.

Head of youth and digital at E4 Karl Warner said: "We’ve now caught up with the Australian broadcast schedule so we can be as close to the action as possible. Married at First Sight Australia is the show everyone was talking about in 2021 and I’ve no doubt it’ll be just as addictive in 2022."

Who's marrying who in Married At First Sight Australia 2022?

Intruder Couples

The series has become known for shaking things up in the group by introducing new couples a few weeks in, and season nine is no exception.

Look out for Carolina and Dion, Kate and Matt, and Jessica and Daniel, who are all set to join the experiment late with explosive consequences.

Domenica and Jack

Domenica and Jack. (Channel 4)
Domenica and Jack. (Channel 4)

She's a 28-year-old make-up artist who's been married before but was devastated that it only lasted for two months.

He's a financial planner, 26, who says he gets on with everyone, is the voice of reason, the peacemaker and has a great moral compass.

Ella and Mitch

Ella and Mitch. (Channel 4)
Ella and Mitch. (Channel 4)

Ella is a 27-year-old beautician who's looking for a strong sexual connection and hasn't been in a relationship for nine years.

Mitch is another 26-year-old financial planner, who also has a sideline as a part-time model but says he has trouble attracting women who like his personality as well as his looks.

Holly and Andrew

Andrew & Holly
Holly and Andrew. (Channel 4)

Cinema manager Holly, 36, wants to become a mother more than anything and was heartbroken when she realised her last partner didn't want any more children.

Andrew is a 39-year-old personal trainer and motivational speaker from Texas who's been married twice before and has a two-year-old daughter.

Olivia and Jackson

Olivia and Jackson. (Channel 4)
Olivia and Jackson. (Channel 4)

She's a teaching student who's been through a rough time despite only being 27 - she had gastric sleeve surgery at 22 and later became her terminally ill father's carer.

He's a 30-year-old plumber who grew up as his family's protector, defending his mum and siblings from a series of violent stepfathers.

Samantha and Al

Samantha and Al. (Channel 4)
Samantha and Al. (Channel 4)

The 26-year-old fashion brand manager has set high standards for any potential date after her previous partner of seven years cheated on her.

Carpenter Al, 25, is the life of the party and has five sisters, but has never been in a relationship and still lives with his mum who does all his cooking and washing.

Selin and Anthony

Selin and Anthony. (Channel 4)
Selin and Anthony. (Channel 4)

Selin, a 32-year-old executive assistant, is a single mum to her almost three-year-old son and is looking for a man to fit into her close-knit, loud family.

Anthony, a 38-year-old salesman, is looking for a bride who will be open to sharing his life with his nine-year-old daughter, as well as matching his drive and ambition. He's also a semi-pro wrestler under the name Tommy Hellfire.

Selina and Cody

Cody and Selina. (Channel 4)
Cody and Selina. (Channel 4)

As a hairdresser, 32-year-old Selina jokes she's the black sheep of her family for not becoming a lawyer or a doctor, but is looking for a man who'll take her seriously.

Swimming coach and personal trainer Cody, 30, on the one hand lives a laid back life on the beach, but on the other hand he's completely uncomfortable with physical affection, even holding hands.

Tamara and Brent

Brent and Tamara. (Channel 4)
Brent and Tamara. (Channel 4)

Tamara, a 29-year-old operations manager, describes herself as an outspoken Alpha with high standards who's looking for a groom to match her on every level.

Brent is a 33-year-old hospitality manager whose career in Dubai was devastated by the pandemic and now he's looking to rebuild his life in Australia.

Married At First Sight Australia series 9 starts on Monday, 21 February at 7.30pm on E4.

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