Marvel’s Tatiana Maslany Shares Her Take On The ‘Fun’ Aspect Of The Sexist Reactions She-Hulk Received From Trolls

 Tatiana Maslany on She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.
Tatiana Maslany on She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.

Over the last few years, Marvel Studios ramped up its slate of superhero offerings, and that was particularly true when it came to its TV branch. She-Hulk: Attorney at Law was one of the many titles that came out amid that stretch, during which many argued that franchise fatigue had set in. The series ultimately received mostly positive reviews, but it was still hounded by sexist trolls throughout its run. Now, Tatiana Maslany, who played the lead role of Jennifer Walters on the legal comedy, is reflecting on that backlash and sharing her take on the “fun” aspect of it all.

The 38-year-old actress discussed her time working on the show (which is available to Disney+ subscribers) while talking with The Independent. While doing so, she talked up her co-star and on-screen cousin Mark Ruffalo, who reprised his role as Bruce Banner/Hulk. Talk eventually turned to the sexist comments aimed at the Marvel Cinematic Universe installment during its run. The Orphan Black star remained upbeat while reflecting on the vitriol and actually explained that she found it somewhat delightful for a specific reason:

I think what’s exciting… … exciting, ha. I think what’s fun about it is that [series creator] Jessica Gao built into the story that people were going to troll us. When we started to get the same responses that [Gao] had actually baked into the writing, it felt like part of the fun.

What should be made clear is that Tatiana Maslany in no way seems to be endorsing such negative comments. But what she found to be “fun” is the simple fact that, at the time, life was starting to imitate art. There’s certainly a massive amount of irony in the fact that such backlash arose nearly two years ago. And, while it wasn’t positive, it’s honestly cool to see that Maslany has an upbeat take on it today.

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Tatiana Maslany as She-Hulk
Tatiana Maslany as She-Hulk

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She-Hulk was created by Emmy-winning Rick and Morty alum Jessica Gao, who infused a very meta vibe into the proceedings. That, of course, matched up with the classic superheroine’s comic book roots, as she’s been known to cheekily break the fourth wall and be self-referential. The fact that the trolling was integrated into the plot is a testament to that creative approach. After Attorney at Law screened for critics, it received mostly positive reviews for its performances, quirky tone and relatively lower stakes compared to the rest of the MCU. Some fans also praised it for diving into new sections of the expansive continuity. However, critiques were aimed at elements like the visual effects and pacing, with the finale proving to be somewhat polarizing.

Nevertheless, Jennifer Walters did manage to strike a chord with a portion of fans who are now wondering if or when she’ll appear in an upcoming Marvel movie or TV series. Tatiana Maslany thinks She-Hulk Season 2 is dead, though that’s yet to be officially confirmed by Disney+. Despite that, I still believe Walters will return at some point, especially considering she’s a fresh part of a young, diverse crop of MCU heroes that are slowly but surely getting the spotlight.

If or when the character does return, there’s a chance that the sexist backlash could start back up again as well. Tatiana Maslany’s recent comments, though, have me thinking that she may not be too bothered with all of that chatter should that be the case. Here’s hoping the actress continues to keep her optimistic attitude when it comes to such social media trolling.

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