Marvel’s Iron Fist won’t feature his epic dragon-fight with Shou-Lao (EXCLUSIVE)

Sorry folks, Iron Fist won’t be punching any dragons.

During an interview at the JW Marriott in New York to promote the new series, I spoke to Iron Fist star Finn Jones, who confirmed we won’t be seeing him go toe-to-toe with the immortal dragon, Shou-Lao.

“I’d love to have the budget for these shows to have a full-on Game of Thrones style dragon,” he explained. “But unfortunately you know, we have budget restraints. That’s the nature of the show.”

So we definitely won’t be seeing it on screen.

But there are still hints of his epic battle in the story

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Of course, comic book fans will be well-versed in Iron Fist’s origin story.

Possessing the power of the Iron Fist, Danny Rand is able to focus his chi into his fist… and he obtained this power as part of a ritual fight with the immortal dragon Shou-Lao, plunging his hand into the dragon’s heart to obtain part of his power.

Iron Fist vs Shou Lau the Undying - Credit: Marvel
Iron Fist vs Shou-Lau the Undying – Credit: Marvel

“We do allude to it in Iron Fist, in a very intelligent way” he added. “And definitely in The Defenders… but I think, you know, we’ve got to be realistic.”

And it is definitely there. The first six episodes of Iron Fist really help build the character of Danny Rand… and with the occasional moment to explain what he’s been doing for the past fifteen years, we do get some not-so-subtle hints at his fight with Shou-Lao.

But sadly, we won’t see that on screen.

Iron Fist suits up - Credit: Netflix
Iron Fist suits up – Credit: Netflix

Still, it looks as though there’s plenty more epic moments to come. Addressing criticism of the show’s ‘slow-burning’ style, he explained that the action really ramps up towards the end of the first season… and there’s a lot more we haven’t seen.

That might even include the appearance of a classic comic book nemesis.

But for now, we have to wait and see.

Marvel’s Iron Fist heads to Netflix on 17 March 2017.

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