Marvel’s Iron Fist: Here’s what we learned from the trailer

It’s here – ‘Marvel’s Iron Fist’ has got a cool, new trailer.

And it’s pretty awesome.

Introducing Danny Rand – the son of Wendell Rand and heir to Rand Enterprises. You might think he’d be quite the millionaire playboy, and a pretty big deal… and he would be, if poor Danny hadn’t been missing since he was ten years old. But Danny’s back, and he’s learned a thing or two thanks to the kick-ass fighting monks who rescued him.

Now, he’s the Iron Fist. And he’s back in this first official trailer.

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Finn Jones as Danny Rand in Marvel's Iron Fist - Credit: Netflix
Finn Jones as Danny Rand in Marvel’s Iron Fist – Credit: Netflix

What did we learn from the cool new trailer?

Let’s take a look:

Danny Rand’s origin story is a bit different

The Rand Family - Credit: Netflix
The Rand Family – Credit: Netflix

Sure, Danny Rand is still the heir to his father’s company… but this time around, it looks as though Wendell Rand isn’t exactly the martial arts type. In fact, he seems to have very little to do with Danny’s unexpected trip to the martial arts haven of K’un L’un.

“I left here ten years old on a jet from my parents,” says Danny. “I became the lone survivor.”

The comic book version of Wendell Rand spent some time in K’un L’un – the mystical city which was home to all the immortal Iron Fists. And it’s an expedition back to the legendary Tibetan city which results in his death… along with his son, Danny becoming stranded there.

Here, it’s a plane crash.

But he still trained at K’un L’un

Iron Fist suits up - Credit: Netflix
Iron Fist suits up – Credit: Netflix

Obviously, Danny’s origin story has been remixed a little. But the result remains the same – he still trains at K’un L’un and he still becomes the Iron Fist.

So what’s K’un L’un?

The comic books describe the ancient city as a mystical place, hidden in the K’un L’un mountains of Tibet. T also happens to be one of the seven cities of heaven, which appear temporarily on the earthly plane from time to time. But whether or not this makes it into Marvel’s upcoming TV series remains to be seen.

Either way, Danny trained here… and his traditional robes might just be the closest thing we get to seeing the yellow-and-green Iron Fist costume on screen. At least, unless there’s a big reveal later in the series.

Madam Gao is back

Madam Gao is back.. and wants Danny gone - Credit: Netflix
Madam Gao is back.. and wants Danny gone – Credit: Netflix

Remember Madam Gao? She first appeared in Daredevil Season One – a heroin trader who ran into Matt Murdock during his epic crusade to bring down Wilson Fisk. In fact, she was one of Fisk’s business partners… but managed to evade justice at the hands of Daredevil.

Instead, she left New York at the end of the series.

But now, it seems, she’s back.

Has Madame Gao returned to New York, or does this seemingly confirm that the story of Iron Fist will run parallel to Daredevil Season 1? For now, we’ll have to wait and see, but there’s even more evidence to suggest that Iron Fist might be closer to Daredevil than we thought.

Iron Fist might crossover with Daredevil

A familiar hunting ground? - Credit: Netflix
A familiar hunting ground? – Credit: Netflix

Will we see Daredevil in the upcoming Iron Fist show?

It’s no secret that Marvel’s Netflix shows are building towards The Defenders… but it looks as though Daredevil and Iron Fist may have already crossed paths. In a strange sort of a way.

The trailer definitely hints towards Daredevil, with appearances from Madam Gao and Claire Temple. But there’s one scene in particular which we may have already witnessed, from an entirely different point of view. Here, Danny and Colleen seem to be running a secret mission to find out what’s going on behind-the-scenes at Rand Enterprises. Presumably, something about Rand Enterprises resources being used for something less-than-ethical. We find them crouched in the shadows surrounded by shipping containers… and this could well be the very same scene from Daredevil Season One where Murdock encounters the Hand.

That’s right – Dardevil could be lurking somewhere nearby.

At the very least, it’s very reminiscent of this cool, Daredevil scene.

Enter the Steel Serpent

The emblem of the Steel Serpent - Credit: Netflix
The emblem of the Steel Serpent – Credit: Netflix

Surely you remember this symbol?

We first spotted it in Daredevil Season One, with Madam Gao’s potent brand of heroin labelled with the symbol. But it seems it might not be just a bit of clever branding… and could in fact introduce one of Iron Fist’s most nefarious enemies.

In the comic books, the Steel Serpent is none other than Davos – the son of Lei Kung the Thunderer, who coincidentally trained Danny Rand (and Rand’s father) in the way of the Iron Fists instead of his own son.

Does this mean Davos will show up on Iron Fist?

It would definitely make one hell of a showdown, especially if Lei Kung chose to train Danny Rand over his own son in this version of the Iron Fist story. But for now, we have to wait and see.

‘Marvel’s Iron Fist’ heads to Netflix on 17 March 2017.

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What did you think of the first Iron Fist trailer? Did you spot any hidden references to the Marvel universe? Leave your comments below… and follow Ryan Leston on Twitter, and Facebook for more on the latest TV shows.