Massive Huddersfield village development slammed as "completely wrong" gets go-ahead

A view of the site and neighbouring properties from Crosland Road
-Credit: (Image: Youtube/Kirklees Council)

A massive Lindley development branded "completely wrong" by objectors, has been given the green light.

On Thursday (June 20) Kirklees Council’s Strategic Planning Committee unanimously approved plans to build on a 6.3-hectare parcel of land off Lindley Moor Road. The site features in the council's Local Plan, with the new development to site alongside homes and commercial units.

The application was a “hybrid”, with the developer - 2SH Developments - seeking both full and outline planning permission for different parts of the scheme.

Land off Lindley Moor Road where a warehouse can now be built
Land off Lindley Moor Road where a warehouse can now be built -Credit:Youtube/Kirklees Council

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Full permission was granted for a warehouse, access, parking and groundworks, meaning that this element of the project can get underway. Outline planning permission was given for a restaurant, industrial units, and office space meaning that further plans will have to be determined at a later date before work can begin on this part of the scheme.

The green areas show what can now be built
The green areas show what can now be built -Credit:Youtube/Kirklees Council

The plans were sent to the committee due to the high number of residents’ objections and it being considered a “major development".

One resident said: “This proposed development would be of no value to the local residents. It would however cause further congestion of the roads in this area which are already overcrowded. Certain roads such as Yew Tree, which have become rat runs, are deteriorating rapidly and reaching a condition where they are not fit for purpose.”

Another said: “This development is completely wrong to propose here. Please listen to all of the local residents. Your planners and Councillors say we are demanding more amenities, etc. but we are not!

“We love the green fields here which is why we live here. We don’t want it turning into an industrial area. The place is becoming unsafe with all of the traffic and pollution.

“This field is not suitable nor fit for this development. We don’t want more supermarkets or takeaways, there are plenty in the area.

“Weatherhill Road is a nightmare trying to get out of, Lindley moor Road is gridlock at peak times and this will make it worse. There is already lots of antisocial behaviour and speeding and this will only increase this.”

When the matter was discussed by the committee, Councillor Mark Thompson (Con, Birstall and Birkenshaw) expressed concern about the potential for the site to be used for last-mile distribution - where goods are taken from a site to their final destination. He said this “nearly always” causes problems, especially for small villages, and asked whether a condition could be put on the application to restrict this.

However, after some discussion, the condition was not added, and the plans were unanimously approved as recommended by officers.

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