McDonald's Costume Bags 9-Year-Old Free Fries for a Year

A nine-year-old from Delaware, Ohio, has earned himself free fries for a year at a local McDonald’s restaurant thanks to a custom-made costume that transformed him into a giant version of the much-loved treat.

The Mompher family from Delaware has made a point of making custom outfits for nine-year-old Blake, who has spina bifida, for the past six years.

Blake has previously been a front loader, school bus, fire truck, mac and cheese, and a local weatherman for Halloween. His 2022 effort was a perfectly done french fries outfit, with Blake’s brother, four-year-old Chance, accompanying him as a packet of ketchup.

The effort was rewarded when a nearby McDonald’s threw Blake and his family a Halloween party, at which a video featuring Ronald McDonald was played, congratulating Blake on his outfit, before he was presented with a certificate confirming his free french fries for a year.

“The rule is that Blake picks what he’s going to be every year, then we make it happen for him,” his mother, Megan Mompher, told Storyful.

Mompher emphasized that the family sees Blake’s wheelchair as “part of him and who he is”.

She continued, “It’s hard for children in wheelchairs to dress up because oftentimes they are just sitting and you can’t see their entire costume. So, we wanted a way for Blake to be able to show off his costume entirely. It has become our family tradition, it makes Blake happy and it helps spread awareness about spina bifida.”

Blake’s mother added, “It also spreads cheer, which we need much more of nowadays. Blake has been through quite a bit in nine years so this is a way for us to help him feel just like any other kid.” Credit: Megan Mompher via Storyful

Video transcript

- Well, sorry! OK, ready? Turn just a little bit. One? yeah. Perfect. Thank you. one, two, three.

- Let's do a picture for mom. You ready?

- Yeah. You got a surprise, so you got to wait.

- Is it food?


- Is it food? Maybe it's Archie. All right. One, two three. Go ahead. Somebody has sent you a special--

- It's Ronald McDonald. And I just wanted to say to you, and tell you how much I love your Halloween costumes. Especially this year you have gone way and above and beyond.

I love McDonald's French fries. I know you love French fries. So why should we all dress up like French fries?

Hey, have an amazing Halloween, a safe Halloween. And maybe when I'm in town next, I can come by and we can hang out.


Where are you going, bud?

- We would like to honor you, since you are our number one biggest French fry fan, with French fries for a year, for free. OK?

- Oh wow, buddy.


BLAKE MOMPHER: I knew that was gonna happen.