Meet the adorable Jack Russell who likes to ride his horse pal around their 100-acre ranch

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer

These are the adorable animal duo whose unique friendship has earned them thousands of followers on Instagram.

Daredevil Jack Russell Dally loves nothing more than riding miniature horse Spanky bareback on their 100-acre ranch in Spokane, Washington.

And if that wasn’t amazing enough, Dally performs stunts and tricks without even wearing a bridle.

Jack Russell Dally loves riding Spanky the horse around their ranch (Caters)
Dally can even perform stunts while riding Spanky without a bridle (Caters)

Owner Francesca Carson rescued Spanky when he was just two years old and despite being very aggressive, he and Dally formed an instant bond.

Francesca, who has ten other horses at her home, said that it took a while for Spanky to accept the other horses and that Dally helped him and that he ‘really takes care of her.’

She said: ‘Dally would always sit and watch while I was training Spanky and then one day she just leaped up onto Spanky’s back – on that day their friendship really started.


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‘It’s really special to see the trust they have between each other – it’s remarkable for a horse to allow a dog to jump on him whenever he wants.’

Francesca explained that Spanky usually goes quite fast when he’s on his own but is more careful when Dally is on his back.

She travels with her partner Steve Rother, teaching people how create willing partnerships with their horses and also does shows and charity events with Dally and Spanky.

The pair share a unique and special friendship (Caters)
The remarkable duo have over 10,000 followers on Instagram (Caters)

She added: ‘It helps kids understand horses and dogs and promote rescuing animals that are unwanted.

‘Except for incredible balance, a lot of trust is also needed, between dog and horse.

Filming will begin this September for a movie about the double act.