Meet the Newcastle fashion designer who's a red carpet smash as stars flock to wear her creations

Somebody Else's Guy is no longer just the title of a disco classic; it's now the name of the hottest fashion brand in town, thanks to Newcastle fashionista Corey Dixon, who is one of the most in demand designers for stars wanting to be red carpet ready, from pop legends to Strictly Come Dancing and Celebrity Big Brother finalists.

And in a huge year for Corey and her business, she's also adorned the pages of world famous publications Tatler, Vanity Fair and Vogue, making her a real force to be reckoned with in the industry.

ChronicleLive caught up with Corey as she prepares for a huge career move, opening her own pop-up store on home turf in Fenwick and within seconds of meeting her it's easy to see why she's making her mark on the fashion world. She's chic, she's effortlessly cool and clearly massively passionate about what she does.

And it's that drive and love for her craft that has seen Corey and Somebody Else's Guy become one of the most talked about fashion brands in the UK right now.

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Like many people, the first Covid lockdown had Corey really taking stock of things, before her world was turned upside down by the sudden death of her mam. After designing and selling face masks for a 'distraction', Corey then took things further and, after getting plenty of encouragement from friends who were blown away by her designs, Corey hasn't looked backed since.

Enter Somebody Else's Guy, a name which expresses Corey's big love of disco music and the fact that her gender neutral designs are upcycled from pre-worn garments.

The 33-year-old's first big name client was H from Steps, with him reaching out to her via Instagram after seeing some of her work. Once she'd got her head round the fact she had been tasked with designing something for one of the country's biggest pop icons, disaster struck for Corey when postal issues prevented her getting the garment to H in time.

However, things worked out more than alright, when H ended up wearing Corey's creation in the photoshoot for Steps' latest album, meaning it was seen by legions of fans the world over.

"It still feels very surreal that I've got these famous people putting trust in me and my designs; but it's very much a 'working together' process," Corey, a former pupil at St Thomas More in Blaydon, explained. "We create the looks together."

Nikita Kuzmin wearing Corey's design on Celebrity Big Brother
Nikita Kuzmin wearing Corey's design on Celebrity Big Brother

It was Corey's most 'top secret' projects to date which saw her clothes seen by millions of ITV viewers earlier this year, when, unbeknown to her, she created looks for Strictly star Nikita Kuzmin and Heartstopper actor Bradley Riches for Celebrity Big Brother. Given that all of the stars involved with the reboot had to keep their involvement firmly on the downlow, the first Corey knew of Nikita and Bradley being in it, was when she was told by friends to turn on the TV, in time to see them wearing her designs on launch night.

"Nikita got in touch because I'd worked with Layton (Williams) on a number of outfits," Corey revealed. "But I honestly had no idea it was going to be for Celebrity Big Brother, as he couldn't tell me. But after seeing him on screen, it was then that the penny dropped that that's what Bradley was doing too, before I saw him in my design as well. I couldn't believe it!"

Corey has forged strong working relationships and friendships for an ever growing list of stars, also including Blue's Duncan James, Joe McElderry and Joe Baggs, and now, as well as ensuring they all continue to slay the red carpet, she's getting ready for a real 'pinch me' moment - her own pop up in Fenwick, which will be open over the first weekend in August.

Joe Baggs wearing Somebody Else's Guy
Joe Baggs wearing Somebody Else's Guy

Corey promises that her highly anticipated boutique in the famous Newcastle department store will have an extensive range of clothes for all sizes, with the option there for people to pre-order if the garment they want isn't on the rack in their size.

"I already know there are hoping to be people travelling from all over the UK to come to it, which is mind blowing!" Corey added. "The support so far has been incredible."