Meet the Grimsby Pageant Queen splitting time between helping train firefighters of the future and charity work

Mary Anna Jennings is a cadet instructor at Peaks Lane Fire Station and Miss Lincolnshire
-Credit: (Image: Mary Anna Jennings)

A Grimsby pageant Queen who has won two titles has been dividing her time between charitable events and her passion for Humberside Fire and Rescue Service.

Mary Anna Jennings, 21, is the current title holder for Miss Lincolnshire and Miss Ethical Queen. She started her career as an aviation firefighter and now works as a cadet instructor for Humberside Fire & Rescue at Peaks Lane Fire Station in Grimsby.

"It's really rewarding work," she said. "I'm responsible for planning lessons and ensuring their safety and we do lots of drills and get the equipment out that full-time firefighters use and allow them to experience what it's like as a firefighter.


"There are absolutely fantastic opportunities for them and a lot of people don't know it exists and assume cadets is just for the army. It's fantastic to be involved in community projects like this and it's completely free for the cadets."

Mary also founded the SWIFS project (Supporting Women In the Fire Service) as part of the Miss England competition. "It's been really well received," she said. "Some really positive things have come out of the competition and it's a project I'll continue regardless of what happens."

Mary Anna Jennings (in yellow) with the cadets at Humberside Fire and Rescue Peaks Lane Fire Station
Mary Anna Jennings (in yellow) with cadets at Humberside Fire and Rescue Peaks Lane Fire Station -Credit:Supplied

Describing what it is like to represent Grimsby, Mary said: "It's absolutely fantastic. We all know Grimsby is viewed as an area people write off because it's got some questionable connotations - even the name itself suggests it's not an amazing place to be.

"Throughout this competition, I have advocated for Grimsby and the surrounding areas and I was actually chosen to represent Grimsby and Cleethorpes and spoke to the judges about what the area has to offer.

Mary Anna Jennings has been Miss Lincolnshire since winning the title in October 2023
Mary Anna Jennings has been Miss Lincolnshire since winning the title in October 2023 -Credit:Mary Anna Jennings

"Grimsby wouldn't be Grimsby without its people and there is so much culture here, it makes the area fantastic and everyone has something different to give and that variety of people and influences is what makes the area so fantastic."

As the holder of two Paegent titles, Mary's diary has been very busy. She recently attended the Lincolnshire Show and the Lincolnshire Championships for Taekwondo where she gave out medals and was involved in timekeeping and first aid.

Mary also "made history" when she wore a wardrobe of entirely second-hand clothing when she won Miss Ethical Queen in May this year - even down to her accessories and shoes.

She said people can feel "pushed to wearing one dress that costs hundreds or even thousands of pounds" but there are a lot of more sustainable and affordable options available.

Mary says her ambition is to continue working for the fire service and has also been invited to enter Miss England again next year.