Runnymede and Weybridge General Election candidates 2024 hoping for your votes

Runnymede and Weybridge will have seven names on its 2024 General Election ballot papers - tied for the most in Surrey. The borough had long been held by the former Conservative chancellor Philip Hammond, until he stood down as MP of 22 years over his opposition against leaving the EU without a deal.

His replacement on the Tory ballot paper Ben Spencer held the seat with a 31 per cent majority - but recent polling suggest a far closer race, with Ipsos declaring Runnymede and Weybridge was now up for grabs. According to their data the Conservatives are on 35 per cent with Labour close behind on 31 per cent.

They have the Liberal Democrats on 18 per cent, Reform UK on 10 and Greens on five. They did not provide polling figures for the remaining candidates. Boundary changes means voters in parts of Virginia Water and Englefield Green will no longer be taking part - their ballots will now be cast in neighbouring Windsor.

The Local Democracy Reporting Service contacted the candidates hoping to win your vote in Runnymede and Weybridge to let them pitch why you should back them on July 4. Candidates are listed in alphabetical order by surname.

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Michael Cressey, Independent

I have lived in Surrey for 22 years, working for the same company in West Byfleet and then Addlestone for almost 20 years. My two children, Theo (9) and Carmen (8), are the light of my life.

As our country faces enormous challenges, we need jobs and proper training for our youth. Politicians from diverse backgrounds and experiences are essential.

I want to use my experience to make a real difference in our community. Community comes first for me. Visit my website to learn more about my stance:

Robert King, Labour

This is the place I call home. It's where I work and live. In 2021, I became the first Labour county councillor for Egham, having been a borough councillor since 2019.

I served my residents through the pandemic and the cost-of-living crisis. Having fought for residents on council, I’m ready to bring that fight to Parliament.

Outside of elected office I’m a guest lecturer at Royal Holloway. I also run a small e-commerce business and understand the pressures businesses have faced after the Tories crashed the economy. Only Labour can win here against the Conservatives, so let’s get Britain’s future back.

Stewart Mackay, Reform UK

I have been a lifelong resident of Runnymede and Weybridge with 15 years in local politics. My professional experience and commitment to public service drive my advocacy for practical reforms.

The state has become too overbearing. I aim to roll back government overreach, lower taxes, and restore freedoms. A lifelong learner with extensive experience in streamlining systems, I will push for cutting waste and bureaucracy.

I didn't move here; I am from here and here is only one reason I am standing today. I care deeply about the direction of our country and, of course, I care for my community.

Ellen Nicholson, Liberal Democrats

Ellen Nicholson is the Liberal Democrat candidate for Runnymede and Weybridge. A local councillor for neighbouring Woking, Ellen is a strong, local and hardworking campaigner and has the experience that will deliver the change needed.

For Ellen, improving local healthcare is a personal priority. A registered nurse by background means Ellen knows just how important it is to have good quality NHS facilities in our community.

Ellen’s top priorities for Runnymede and Weybridge are urgent action on sewage in our waterways and the River Thames flood scheme, fairer deal for residents recognising the cost-of-living impact; cut waiting times for general practice appointments.

Steven Ringham, Green

Steven (also goes by Steve) has been a Runnymede borough councillor since 2022 and co-leader since May. He is also the coordinator for North Surrey Green Party.

He lives in Egham with his family and is a photographer. After 14 years of Conservative mis-rule, this country has had enough. But only the Green Party has a truly transformative vision for the UK; not the more-of-the-same-just-a-bit-different” offering from the other parties.

We will bring us all closer together, not drive us further apart. Our policies - such as taking water and rail back into public hands, clean power, making the polluter pay - will take us further and faster into a new green economy.

Ben Spencer, Conservative

I live in the constituency with my young family and I worked as an NHS doctor before my first election as MP in 2019, so I know full well the importance of our local services, strong transport links, and protecting our environment.

My continuing priorities to support our communities are to: improve local rail services; support our schools; deliver better protection from flooding; enhance access to NHS services; reduce air and noise pollution; and scrap the ULEZ expansion.

You can see more at and my record of delivery at If you need help get in contact at

Nicholas Wood, UKIP

Dr Wood's policies include: fully funding the NHS, police and fire services. referenda on capital and corporal punishment; criminal violence is excessive, reforming the civil service, so it cannot subvert public voting.

No more squandering of taxpayers' money overseas, housing for local people (UKIP policy since the 1990s, building on ex-industrial land ('brown field'), not greenbelt, live complaint forms on government websites, so problems reported are visible, fix potholes on roads and renovate the hundreds of miles of 1930s cycling paths left overgrown.

No transgender campaigning in schools and guaranteeing free speech, e.g. New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990.

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