Meghan Markle and Prince Harry ignore charity scandal as they issue defiant statement

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in Nigeria
Harry and Meghan spent three days in Nigeria -Credit:AFP via Getty Images

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry did not let a recent scandal involving their charity, Archewell, affect their public image during their trip to Nigeria. Despite receiving a stern letter from California's Attorney General branding their charity as "delinquent and not in good standing", the couple remained defiant.

The Sussexes have been heavily criticised for seeming to disregard the controversy surrounding their charity's fundraising efforts being halted by California's top lawyer. In response, Archewell has maintained that any missing files were submitted on time.

However, it appears the furor didn't dampen the Sussexes' spirits during their visit to Nigeria. They issued a heartfelt thank you to the country via their personal Sussex website following their "unforgettable" visit, assuredly stating it would be just the "first of many memorable trips".

In the release titled "Thank You Nigeria", they spoke of their final event in the country, which involved attending a cultural reception in Lagos and a polo match fundraiser aptly named 'Nigeria: Unconquered'.

The post captures the couple's admiration for the "beautiful pre-game parade" and the palpable camaraderie woven through Duke vs Duchess - two teams whose friendly competition ended with the ladies' team claiming victory, reports the Mirror.

The official site for the Sussexes shared a heartfelt message of thanks, stating: "The Duke and Duchess would like to extend their deepest gratitude to all the event organizers, military officials and the whole Nigerian community for their tremendous hospitality and the first of many memorable trips."

Meanwhile, Harry and Meghan's charitable organisation has hit a snag, as revealed by a letter from attorney general Rob Bonta. Since early May, the charity's registration fees have fallen behind, resulting in a "delinquent" status on the registry of charities and fundraisers due to unsubmitted annual reports and unpaid registration fees.

With this delinquent status, the foundation is temporarily restricted from engaging in activities that require registration, such as soliciting or distributing charitable funds.

Attorney general Rob Bonta's letter clarified the implications: "An organisation that is listed as delinquent is not in good standing and is prohibited from engaging in conduct for which registration is required, including soliciting or disbursing charitable funds. The organisation may also be subject to penalties, and its registration may be suspended or revoked by the Registry."

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