Mel B: 'Eddie Murphy was the love of my life'

Mel B made the somewhat surprising confession on Good Morning Britain (ITV)
Mel B made the somewhat surprising confession on Good Morning Britain (ITV)

Mel B has opened up about her romance with Eddie Murphy, admitting he was the love of her life.

The Spice Girl appeared on Good Morning Britain to talk about her autobiography, ‘Brutally Honest’, where she details the abuse she says she suffered at the hands of ex-husband Stephen Belafonte – but made the surprising confession about her other former flame.

As host Piers Morgan asked, “Eddie Murphy was the love of your life, wasn’t he?” she replied: “At the end of the day, we have a beautiful daughter together.

“It was love at first sight, I went to a dinner party at his house and it was very intense, that attraction.”

The pair’s relationship ended in a bitter row when Doctor Dolittle actor Murphy refused to acknowledge he was the father to their now 11-year-old daughter Angel. However, a paternity test a couple of months after her birth in 2007 proved he was indeed the father.

But Mel said: “He’s such a lovely person, all about family and very respectful and old school, and we courted.”

Asked whether she wished she was still with him, Mel added: “I can’t say shoulda, woulda, coulda, it is what it is.

“I have never really spoke about it before but I wanted to address it because a lot of people have a misconstrued thing of how everything happened.

“It was a love story that didn’t have the perfect happy ending.

“I can’t say [I hope to reconcile] because he’s in a committed relationship and expecting a new baby.”

Mel said that she wasn’t looking for a new partner as she was still recovering from her marriage to Stephen Belafonte, which ended in divorce in 2017.

“No, I’m still on my healing journey, I’m not seeking a new love,” she said. “It’s two years now since leaving that abusive relationship and I’m still a little bit damaged, I’m damaged goods.

“It would be a rebound situation to look for someone else.”

Talking more about her autobiography and Belafonte, she said: “I was in a very coercive, abusive marriage which is something we don’t usually talk about, so I wanted to address it and take back that control.

“I didn’t choose him, he chose me, he sought me out. I was at a very vulnerable time in my life, I’d just had my second baby (Angel, with Murphy).

“Domestic violence, mental abuse and torture. It was not a nice thing to have gone through. It’s all about educating people and making them aware that it’s not a normal and respectful way to treat any other person.”

At the end of the interview, Morgan and co-host Susanna Reid told Mel that they needed to read out Belafonte’s right of reply to the allegations of abuse in her book, in which he said that he was planning further litigation and denied the abuse.

Mel said: “Oh god, I don’t want to hear that. You shouldn’t do the right of reply, he shouldn’t have a platform.”

Morgan agreed: “I’m with you on this, I didn’t want to do it. I’m Team Mel.”

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