Spice Girls on People Power and why #MeToo 'had to happen'


The Spice Girls have rebranded their famous ‘Girl Power’ slogan as ‘People Power’, with Geri Horner adding that she thinks the #MeToo movement had to happen.

The re-formed girl band were guests on ITV’s Lorraine, where they told showbiz reporter Dan Wootton that they stand for more than just Girl Power now – it’s People Power instead.

Horner said: “Feminism, if you look it up in the dictionary, is about equalisation between men and women, everybody.

“The last year (with #MeToo) was really dark, but it had to happen and then we can move into the light.”

However, not everyone was impressed with them changing Girl Power for People Power.

Asked about their views on current affairs, Horner added of Prime Minister Theresa May’s attempts to negotiate a Brexit deal: “Britain, come together whatever it is, come together and sort our solutions out together, that’s the most important thing.

“We don’t have to agree on politics, it’s bigger than that. You can just support a woman doing the best she can and that’s it.”

The group added laughingly that they thought the PM was a “great dancer”, commenting on recent footage of her awkward bopping about at an official engagement.

The group addressed the question on everyone’s lips during their Lorraine interview – are there any bad feelings with Victoria Beckham, the only member not to have signed up to the reunion tour?

Horner said: “We support each other on and off the stage. We did meet up and say, ‘you are in the band both on and off the stage, it doesn’t matter’.”

Asked how they felt about Beckham earning a lot of money from tour royalties without performing, Mel C said: “That’s debatable…but we’re very proud of Victoria, she works incredibly hard and has achieved so much, and she’ll always be a Spice Girl.”

The bandmates said they had no concerns about getting back into the music industry such a long time after their first flush of fame.

Mel C said: “One of the really incredible things we’ve found is so many young pop artists who say the Spice Girls were such an inspiration to them.”

Mel B added: “My daughter said to me, ‘Mum, you are so cool now, because you are vintage’.”

However, Emma Bunton admitted that her partner Jade Jones had described the group as being “like a punch in the face when you’re all together”, so it sounds as though they’ve lost none of their energy.

There still seemed to be a few old rivalries at play, too – Horner did the vast majority of the talking and didn’t let the others get more than a few words in, with Mel B telling her at one point with raised eyebrows: “You’ve just interrupted yourself.”

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