Mel B backpedals on Aussie Spice Girls tour

Mel B has clarified her comments on the Spice Girls coming to Australia. Photo: Getty Images
Mel B has clarified her comments on the Spice Girls coming to Australia. Photo: Getty Images

It’s safe to say the internet went into meltdown yesterday when Mel B made the announcement that the Spice Girls would be making their way Down Under in February next year.

By last night nostalgic fans had already created Facebook events for the concert, with one called ‘Spice World Tour - Sydney’ already knocking up over 30,000 likes on the social media site.

But before you go out and spend your money on platform shoes, a Union Jack dress or Adidas tracksuit bottoms, you might want to hear what Mel B had to say on the topic this morning.

Mel B attends the 'America’s Got Talent: The Champions' Finale in 2018 in a sparkly dress
Despite her comments, Mel said not all of the Spice Girls have signed up for the tour. Photo: Getty Images

In London over the weekend, Mel B finished the Spice Girls’ show by saying: “We’ll see you in February in Australia!”.

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This morning, the 44-year-old spoke on 2DayFM Breakfast with Grant, Ed & Ash and backtracked on her comments.

“So I announced it on stage, yes, without everybody else signing off 100%,” Mel said.

“I figured if I put it out there then maybe it’s going to happen because I’ve been putting it out there for seven years. London did actually happen after seven years so I figured, Australia in February sounds pretty good to me.”

She said an Australian date is pencilled in the diary but all the girls haven’t signed on the dotted line yet.

“I will make sure it happens,” Mel said.

Mel B, Mel C, Emma Bunton and Geri in London
Fingers crossed there's still hope the Spice Girls will make their way Down Under. Photo: Getty Images

The Spice Girls’ reunion tour has made waves through England, Wales and Ireland, with Mel B, Melanie C, Geri Halliwell and Emma Bunton returning to the stage without Victoria Beckham.

If a concert here does go ahead, this will be the group’s first time in Australia, and if Mel B’s shoutout is anything to go by, we only have eight months to go.

By Sarah Carty, Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer