Men's lack of knowledge over how women pee with tampons in leaves women 'terrified'

Woman sitting on a toilet
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It seems a refresher in human biology might be in order for some, as a recent viral street interview has highlighted men's often comical misunderstandings about menstruation. While the lack of knowledge can be amusing to some, it appears that patience is wearing thin with these misconceptions.

It's not rocket science to grasp the basics of how tampons or moon cups function, nor to understand the menstrual cycle.

The video causing a stir online features men being asked a straightforward question: "How does a girl pee with a tampon in? " The responses were, to put it mildly, quite bewildering. One man, looking utterly confused, admitted: "I have always wondered this."

Equally perplexed, another chap confessed: "I have no idea dude. Does she take it out? She takes it out, yeah."

Another interviewee offered a slightly more confident but misguided explanation: "You hold it off to the side or take it out. Or maybe it absorbs stuff anyway so it can do both at the same time."

Several others were convinced that the correct procedure was to remove the tampon and replace it with a new one after urinating....

Just for the record, there's no need to remove a tampon when going to the loo because urine exits from the urethra, whereas tampons and moon cups are placed in the vagina. Both are part of the vulva, but they are distinct openings.

The post triggered a torrent of reactions, with a handful finding humour in the responses. However, many were left shocked by the lack of understanding, with one user exclaiming: "This is terrifying. Are so many men this ignorant? " Another echoed this sentiment, stating: "Proof that men should not be making decisions about women's bodies."

Yet another chimed in: "Jesus dudes, look at a human anatomy book.," closely followed by a fourth who appealed: "Open the schools, oh my God, please."