Stuntman claims world first by completing first ever backflip in a CAR

Chris Parsons

A daring stuntman claimed driving history after completing what is thought to be the world's first backflip in a CAR.

French daredevil Guerlain Chicherit landed the spectacular jump by flipping a Mini Countryman off a snow ramp in the French ski resort of Tignes.

The French Rally Raid world champion has hailed the leap as the world's first 'unassisted 360 degree backflip' in a car.

The stunt was four years in the making, and saw Chicherit speed the heavily-modified Mini up a static ramp, launching the car into a backflip, and landing on an 8m-high snow ramp.

Mini say the driver walked away without any injuries, while the car itself was also relatively unscathed.

The stunt is thought to be a world first as previous car backflip attempts have been assisted by a special ramp which boosts the car's rotation.

This attempt, however, took place on a regular ramp, similar to a winter sports 'quarter pipe'.

Chicherit, who is also a four-time freestyle skiiing world champion, jumped to an impressive 12m high in the Mini during the stunt.