Missing wallaby last seen at pub after fleeing petting zoo

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A file picture of an baby wallaby with his mother  (PA Wire)
A file picture of an baby wallaby with his mother (PA Wire)

A petting zoo owner has launched a desperate appeal to find a missing wallaby last spotted outside a country pub.

Eddie, who is only six months old, fled Waulkmill Menagerie through a hole in the fence on Monday the day after arriving in New Deer, Scotland.

Nikki Johnstone, owner of the petting zoo, said Eddie was spotted outside a nearby pub heading north into the cold wilderness.

“He’ll be fine with grass and whatever plants he can forage,” she told BBC Scotland.

“The cold is a bit of a worry factor because he is so little, he would need a heat lamp during our winters.”

She added that Eddie was not aggressive to humans or other animals, and advised anyone who spotted him to close him in.

“We can’t chase him through a field, he’s way too fast for that”, she said.

“We’re just spreading the word, and have contacted drone people.

“I’m totally gutted and just worried sick for him - just needing him home.”

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