Mohamed Salah and Jürgen Klopp find common ground after heated Liverpool exchange vs West Ham

Jürgen Klopp manager of Liverpool talking with Mohamed Salah of Liverpool during the Premier League match between West Ham United and Liverpool FC at London Stadium on April 27, 2024 in London, England.
Mohamed Salah and Jürgen Klopp agree on one thing after a heated exchange on the Liverpool sidelines. -Credit:Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

It was a sorry sight. With only three games left to go of his Liverpool tenure, Jürgen Klopp could be seen exchanging tense words with Mohamed Salah, the man he helped catapult to global stardom.

There's no reason to fear any lasting rift, but it summed up the overall feeling that this is simply not how things were supposed to end. Liverpool is now almost certainly out of the title picture, and while Klopp will stress the need to pick up some more points to mathematically confirm a Champions League place, his last three games have been rendered competitively meaningless.

Of course, prior to the start of the season, a trophy and an immediate return to Europe's top table would have been considered a moderate success, after the struggles of the last campaign. But Klopp's leaving announcement changed things, and this all now feels like a bit of a let-down.

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Salah was no doubt just as desperate as everyone else to give Klopp the send-off he deserves, and ironically, that was probably part of what caused his frustration to spill over. We don't know the ins and outs of what was said, but the Egyptian always backs himself, and will feel he could have impacted the game far more if given longer than 15 minutes.

Regardless, the pair have already found some kind of common ground, with both moving to play down the incident. Klopp immediately sought to pour cold water on the story, insisting that he had already spoken with Salah and that this was the end of the matter.

"If I speak today there will be fire," he said, declining interview requests from reporters. In reality, the "fire" comment has inevitably added some fuel and led to the interpretation from some that he remained heated.

But it's still clear that, by declining questions, Salah recognized that speaking straight after a bitterly disappointing result would not be constructive. That is exactly the same approach Klopp took as he declined to give any details when asked what was discussed.

"We have already spoken in the dressing room and for me that’s done," Klopp said on TNT Sports.

Certainly, it would be very premature to make any leaps about Salah's future at the club. While Klopp perhaps did it in a more polished way, both were moving to avoid further scrutiny on the incident, declining to answer questions about it.

While it would certainly be interesting to find out exactly what was said between the pair, the best thing for Liverpool now is for the matter to be put to rest. Salah and Klopp were in the heat of the moment, and both have done the right thing by taking a step back after the full-time whistle. says: It's never especially edifying when Salah shows his frustration, but he does have previous, and it's never been a lasting issue. It would be strange if there was total harmony with results having turned so sour.

Salah's 'fire' remark did sound a little ominous, but it honestly seems like he's echoing Klopp in trying to avoid making this more of a talking point than it needs to be. Hopefully, if nothing else, Liverpool can recapture some good feeling in the three games left of the manager's incredible Anfield tenure.