Monopoly ironed out: Game board fans vote for cat to join the hat

Rebecca Lewis
The cat token has replaced the iron in the famous Monopoly game (Hasbro)

The iron has been given the boot while the cat managed to claw its way in after thousands of Monopoly fans voted online for what stays and what goes when it comes to one of the world's most popular board games.

A new cat token bagged 31% of a Facebook vote held by game makers Hasbro, trumping a robot, a guitar, a helicopter and a diamond ring.

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The little-loved iron token took a paltry 8% of the vote after it was put up for elimination along with the wheelbarrow and boot.

It means production of the iron token will cease, with updated lines in the shops later this year.

The Hasbro game, first on sale in 1935, has gone through a few changes over the years, but this was the first time players had a say.

Fans from 185 countries voted to save their favourite tokens and to nominate a new entry.

The cat will now feature alongside the race car, thimble, wheelbarrow, top hat, battleship, boot and the Scottie dog tokens. Ultimately the dog proved to be a clear favourite with players with a resounding 29% of the vote.

Eric Nyman, senior vice president of Hasbro gaming said: "We know that cat lovers around the world will be happy to welcome the new cat token into the Monopoly game.

"While we’re a bit sad to see the iron go, the cat token is a fantastic choice by the fans and we have no doubt it will become just as iconic as the original tokens.

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