Mother Discovers Venomous ‘Erection- Giving’ Spider Eggs In Her Iceland Bananas

A mother-of-two was shocked to find venomous spider eggs in bananas she has bought for her children.

Samantha Frampton, 24, found Brazilian Wandering Spider eggs infested in the bananas imported from Colombia - which has a lethal bite that can kill a human in just two hours.

Samantha carefully wrapped the bananas in a plastic bag and left them outside, but is now worried her house may be infested.

The Brazilian Wandering Spider’s venom is currently being studied for use in erectile dysfunction treatments - as it can give male victims a painful four-hour erection. 

These spiders hide in banana plants during day thus explaining how they could have entered the fruit bought from Iceland.

Samantha Frampton, 24, with the offending banana (Picture: SWNS)

Samantha, from Barnstaple in Devon, said: ‘I was about to hand him a banana and I noticed what first looked like a small cocoon - it looked like a silver, sealed web with leave on it.

‘I hate spiders anyway, but when I started seeing pictures of the webs and comparing the banana to some of those images I started to panic.

‘I immediately wrapped the banana in a carrier bag and put it outside - I just don’t know what to do.’

Iceland in Barnstable have confirmed that the banana has been sent to head office but declined to comment further.