Mother refuses to put nappies on her two-week-old baby as she is 'toilet training' her

Peter Walker
Cindy Lever takes daughter Chloe to the toilet when she wakes up to encourage a more adult routine: Cindy Lever

A mother who refuses to put her baby in nappies has said that she started toilet training her daughter from two weeks’ old.

Australian blogger Cindy Lever uses the ‘elimination communication’ (EC) approach which involves detecting cues in daughter Chloe about her toilet needs, before escorting her to the loo.

This includes hovering and cradling the baby over a sink for her ‘number ones’ and ‘twos’.

“This is all part of the fun,” she said, in a recent opinion piece for “And I love that it allows for an even deeper connection with my baby."

She added: “When I first told my husband I planned to do EC before our baby was born I think he thought I had really gone mad. This quickly changed after watching me hold our baby over the sink and asking her to do a wee a couple of times. He leapt into this new parenting challenge and is also now addicted.”

Ms Lever said this will start with trying to take Chloe to the toilet as soon as she wakes, just as adults do.

She described how she holds her baby over the sink so the pair can see one another in the mirror.

She added: “I then say 'wee, wee' and make the sound 'psss' so this cues her to go to the toilet. If it's a poo I say 'poo, poo'.”