Mourners hold green candles in 'silent march' to honour Grenfell victims six months on

Tom Powell
The silent candlelit march marked the six month anniversary of the Grenfell Tower fire: REUTERS

Hundreds of people bearing green candles have marched silently through the streets surrounding Grenfell Tower to remember those who died in the fire.

Marchers held flowers, pictures of loved ones and green candles, the colour which has grown to symbolise the tragedy in which 71 people died.

The silent walk began at 7pm with a large crowd raising placards with slogans such as “Justice for Grenfell” and “We demand the truth”.

Firefighters stood in silence on Ladbroke Grove as the marchers filed past, with some breaking down in tears.

People greet firefighters at the silent candlelit march (REUTERS)

It came after bereaved families and survivors of the fire joined together at an emotional memorial service at St Paul's Cathedral, six months on from the fire.

Marchers carried green candles, flowers and pictures of loved ones who died in the fire (REUTERS)

Hundreds of mourners gathered outside the historic cathedral clutching white roses and comforting each other beneath a banner with "Grenfell" inside a green heart.

The Prince of Wales, Duchess of Cornwall, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry were among the high-profile guests who attended to pay their respects.

Also present was Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and Prime Minister Theresa May, who entered through a side door, rather than the main entrance.