How much is beer and drinks at Parklife 2024? Bar prices in full

Parklife 2024 will take place at Heaton Park with performances from the likes of Doja Cat, Becky Hill and Disclosure
-Credit: (Image: Kenny Brown | Manchester Evening News)

Parklife 2024 officially gets underway today as thousands of people make their way to Heaton Park for two days of good vibes and good music.

This year’s line-up will feature the likes of Doja Cat, Disclosure, Kaytranada, Peggy Gou, Becky Hill, Camelphat, Sugababes and Patrick Topping across Saturday and Sunday (June 8 and 9).

Alongside the live music taking place across nine stages, there will also be plenty of food stalls, a pop-up McDonald’s, and even a fashion shop from SHEIN to get some last-minute additions to your outfits sorted out on site.

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Ahead of the festival taking place, the Manchester Evening News was given an exclusive look around the Heaton Park site and how some 4,500 workers - including 1,000 bar staff and more than 900 members of security - turn it into one of the biggest events of the year with around 80,000 people attending each day.

With the set times for Saturday and Sunday both out there to browse, most festival goers will now have an idea of how they’re planning to spend their weekend, but you’ll also want to factor in staying hydrated.

Around 80,000 people will attend each day of the festival
Around 80,000 people will attend each day of the festival -Credit:Kenny Brown | Manchester Evening News

There are loads of bars dotted across the site, which will offer everything from beers and ciders to wines and cocktails, alongside some specials here and there. There is also, for the first time, an alcohol free bar from Manchester’s own Love From.

This year, the bars and food stalls at Parklife will all be going cashless - meaning you’ll need to use your phone Wallet or card in order to buy drinks. To help you figure out what’s on offer, and how much you’ll need to spend, we’ve rounded up some of the bar prices below.

Main Bars

Beer and Cider (cans)

San Miguel - £6.50

Somersby Apple Cider - £6.80

White Claw (Hard Seltzer)

Available in Black Cherry, Mango, Natural Lime and Raspberry flavours - £7.50

Four Loko (cans)

Available in White or Blue flavours - £11.80

Bacardi Mojito (cans)

Available in Mango or Raspberry flavours - £7.50


Rose / White (187ml) - £7.50

Liquid Death

Still Mountain Water - £2.60

Mango Chainsaw Sparkling Water - £2.95

Spirits & Mixers

Bacardi Spiced Rum (50ml) - £10.80

Bacardi Carta Blanca Rum (50ml) - £10.80

Bombay Sapphire Gin (50ml) - £10.80

Eristoff Vodka (50ml) - £10.80

Jack Daniels Whiskey (50ml) - £10.80

25ml spirit and mixer for £7.80


Jägermeister (25ml Ice Cold shot) - £6.80

Jägermeister Cold Brew Coffee (25ml Ice Cold shot) - £6.80

Jägermeister Mule (Jägermeister & Ginger Beer) - £11.80

Jägermeister & Energy (Jägerbomb) - £7.80

4 x Jägermeister & Energy (Jägerbomb) - £25.00

Rockstar Cocktails

Rockstar Vodka (50ml) - £11.80

Blueberry Cooler (50ml) - £11.80

Watermelon Mojito (50ml) - £11.80

Tropical Guava Margarita (50ml) - £13.80

Premium Spirits

Patron Silver Tequila (50ml) - £12.80

25ml premium spirit and mixer for £9.80

No & Low

Rockstar: Available in original or Tropical Guava - £4

Rockstar Zero Sugar: Available in Watermelon & Kiwi or Blueberry - £4

Erdinger Alkoholfrei Beer - £6.50

J2O: Available in Blueberry & Blackberry Martini or Strawberry Mojito - £6.50

Pepsi Max / 7up - £2.95


The above drinks are also available at the VIP bar, alongside the additional selections.

Parklife Cocktails

Mai Tai (50ml) - £11.80

Apple Mule (50ml) - £11.80

Summer Berry Daiquiri (50ml) - £11.80

Pornstart Martini (50ml) - £11.80

Liquid Death

Still/sparkling Mountain Water - £2.60

Severed Lime Sparkling Water - £2.95

Premium Spirits

Grey Goose L’Original (50ml) - £12.80

25ml premium spirit and mixer for £9.80

Love From

Parklife will have its first ever alcohol-free bar since launching in 2010.

Alcohol-free cocktails

Heaton Park Colada - £9.00

Love From Summer Cup - £9.00

No Pornie, No Crime - £9.00

Spicey Not Dicey - £9.00


Sparkling white wine - £8.00

Sparkling rose wine - £8.00

Soft drinks

Gut Lovin' Soda: Cola or lemonade - £5.00

Kombucha: Available in Strawberry & Pineapple, Apple & Elderflower, and Blueberry & Ginger - £5.00