Mum to the Rescue: Children Have Close Encounter With Venomous Snake

An alert mother acted swiftly in Boyne Island, Queensland, on April 9 after she spotted a venomous snake near her two children outside her home.

Vanessa Fanfulla was carrying a laundry basket from her home when she was forced to spring into action to protect her children, Mila and Aisha, from the eastern brown snake.

According to the Australian Museum, the species is widespread throughout eastern Australia, from northern Queensland to South Australia. Wayne Loats, Fanfulla’s partner, told Storyful the family had only encountered this species of snake around their home on one previous occasion.

He said, “We have had a common tree snake often venture on top of our fence. There was only one other time when we encountered a mature eastern brown snake who came into our yard to seek shelter under our deck, probably looking for food. It left our deck, proceeded across our back lawn to our front door and then disappeared into our neighbor’s yard.”

“Unfortunately,” the father-of-two added, “the snake met my shovel because it was so close to my family.” Credit: Wayne Loats via Storyful