Naughty Boy's family blast trolls

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Naughty Boy's family blast trolls credit:Bang Showbiz
Naughty Boy's family blast trolls credit:Bang Showbiz

Naughty Boy's family have hit back at trolls.

The 36-year-old music producer - whose real name is Shahid Khan - has been blasted online after threatening to quit 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!' but his family have urged viewers to be kind, explaining that the star is missing his mother Zahida, who has vascular dementia.

They wrote on Twitter: "NB is a proud mummy’s boy because he has been caring for her for the last 5 years.

"She suffers from vascular dementia and many other illnesses which has resulted in her needing 24 hour care.

"He lacks a lot of self confidence and this is the first time he has left her - to do something for himself for the first time in years."

"Of course, trolls have no conscience or compassion to try and understand his emotions and mental state but to those who are being supportive, thank you so incredibly much.

"Remember to #BeKind and don’t be toxic."

The music producer previously said he would be walking out of Gwrych Castle in Abergele, Wales, earlier this week after finding life in the prison-like Castle Clink too tough, but he later took back his decision after being reunited with the main camp.

But on Friday’s (26.11.21) episode of the ITV reality series, he once again said his “time is done”, as he said he “genuinely doesn’t feel good” about staying in the castle.

He told his campmates: "I want to make tonight a special night, as I will be leaving in the morning. I just think my time here is done."

But a shocked Snoochie Shy replied: "I feel like your journey's only just begun. If I had handcuffs I'd chain you to a chair, but I don't."

And Naughty Boy then added: "I genuinely feel good about it. I don't feel sad, I don't feel like ... I wouldn't be leaving if I knew I haven't challenged myself or overcome any fears because what's the point of being here in the first place?

“It'll be sad for me to go, honestly, I love all of you."

However, once again the producer ultimately decided not to leave his campmates behind – after he won a full house of 11 stars in the Creepy Closets trial.

The ‘Runnin’ hitmaker was tasked with searching through six closets to find stars that would translate to meals for camp, while being covered in critters as well as fish guts and offal.

And when he returned to camp victorious, Naughty Boy admitted he couldn’t abandon the show after just bagging a perfect score and ensuring everyone could eat that night.

Danny Miller asked him: "Are you going to stick around now? You're not going anywhere are you?"

To which the producer replied: “I can't... after 11 stars!

"I hope my mum's going to watch this and sees me do something sick and say, 'That's my son.'"

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