Neighbours star is now working in adult film industry: Caitlin Stasey's bold career transition explored

Caitlin Stasey as Rachel in Neighbours
-Credit: (Image: Five)

Former Neighbours actress Caitlin Stasey has transitioned from acting to a new career in the adult film industry. Caitlin, now 33, first gained fame playing Rachel Kinski on the popular Australian soap when she was just 14. Fans will recall Rachel as the youngest daughter of Alex Kinski and sister to Zeke and Katya Kinski.

In 2009, Caitlin bid farewell to Ramsay Street and exited the show, which is now airing on Amazon Prime. Since then, she's featured in successful films like the horror hit Smile and the recent Amazon comedy TV series Class Of '07. You can see what the classic Neighbours stars of the 1980s and 1990s are up to now here.

However in 2021, Caitlin chose to take a hiatus from acting and venture into something entirely different - working in the adult industry. Currently, Caitlin is a director and writer at Afterglow, a pornography studio owned by women. In a chat with Women's Wear Daily, she stated: "It's a queer-run and operated company. It's a very cool group of women making some very good stuff," reports the Mirror.

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Last year, she revealed what it's like to work in the adult world on the I've Got News for You podcast. She commented: "The content is pretty intense. But it runs just like any other film set. The sets tend to be really inclusive. There's a lot of women. In fact, I think there are more female directors in pornography than there are in mainstream film and television."

Caitlin shared the inspiration behind her idea for a film, which came from watching perplexing perfume advertisements on television. She remarked: "You know whenever you watch a commercial for a perfume and you're like, 'this makes zero sense!' It feels like they're written by an algorithm on another planet. But they're always so sexy and it always feels like sex is about to happen everyone's sniffing each other's necks and licking each other's wrists. So I kind of came up with the concept of a perfume commercial that then becomes a lesbian threesome."

In addition, Caitlin discussed how her experience in the adult film industry is honing her skills as a storyteller and director. She has previously stated: "I want to become a better director and learn how to make things that look beautiful and feel good." For the latest TV & Showbiz news, sign up to our newsletter.