The Nest viewers are certain they have worked out major twist

Emmy Griffiths

The Nest viewers are certain that they have worked out a major twist in the popular show following Sunday night's episode. In the latest instalment, viewers were introduced to Kaya's eccentric mother - and many have suggested that she is who is truly behind the death that Kaya was blamed for as a child. 


Fans are convinced Kaya's mother is the real culprit

Taking to Twitter, one person wrote: "Absolutely gripped by #TheNest . I have a feeling Kaya is misunderstood, and Moaning Myrtle was to blame for the murder! Can’t wait for next week!" Another added: "Anyone else watch #TheNest and think the mum actually committed the murder all this years ago and then let the daughter take the wrap cause she knew she wouldn’t get in serious trouble. Her mom is clearly a bit loopy. I don’t think Kaya did it." A third person wrote: "Calling it - Kaya/Heather was railroaded when she was a kid. She was forced to cover for someone else / the 'murder' was an accident. That was a look of shock & horror on young her in the brief flashback cut." 

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Viewers also pointed out the Harry Potter reunion on the show, as both Katie Leung, who played Cho Chang, and Shirley Henderson, who played Moaning Myrtle, star in the series. One fan tweeted: "Watching #TheNest and cannot unsee the fact that Moaning Myrtle is on the phone to Cho Chang." Another wrote: "Cho Chang and Moaning Myrtle together once again." 

Fans have been full of praise for the new series, which stars Sophie Rundle and Martin Compston as a wealthy couple who are desperate to have a baby, and so take up a teenage girl's offer to be their surrogate. 

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