Netflix ‘now consumes a fifth of the world’s internet speed’

Original content such as Stranger Things has helped Netflix’s rise (Netflix)
Original content such as Stranger Things has helped Netflix’s rise (Netflix)

Netflix now consumes a fifth of the world’s downstream internet bandwidth, according to the Economist – highlighting the increasing global power of the streaming giant.

Around 125 million households worldwide watch up to two hours of Netflix per day, the report found.

In America, that figure is even higher.

The Global Internet Phenomena Report reported in January that YouTube and Netflix together make up 50.31% of North American downstream traffic, with 31.62% down to Netflix.

Logo da Netflix
Logo da Netflix

The Economist reports that Netflix now produces more television than any TV studio, and released 80 films in the past year, outpacing every Hollywood studio.

It’s just five years since Netflix shook up the traditional TV industry with the launch of House of Cards, its first foray into content production.


The company is now pushing into European TV production, with $1bn of its total $8bn content budget earmarked for original European productions, according to Screen Daily.

Netflix says that it has created 100 original products from the EMEA region this year alone.

Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes is writing The English Game (about the invention of football).

Idris Elba is behind an upcoming comedy on Netflix called Turn Up Charlie.

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