New video analysis of JFK’s assassination shows where bullet really came from

Rob Waugh
New analysis of the ‘Zapruder’ footage suggests the bullet came from behind (Getty)

The videos of the assassination of John F Kennedy have been pored over obsessively by conspiracy theorists for more than five decades.

But a new analysis of the ‘Zapruder’ footage of the assassination seems to rule out one of the most famous theories – that the fatal shot was fired from the ‘grassy knoll’.

Lead author Dr. Nicholas Nalli, analysed the footage, focusing particularly on the ‘forward head snap’ which happened before JFK’s head moved back and to the left, according to the journal Heliyon.

Dr Nalli modelled the impact using known parameters including the mass and speed of the bullet, and the camera shutter frequency.

President and Mrs. John F. Kennedy smile at the crowds in Dallas, Texas (Getty)
John F Kennedy was assassinated in 1963 (Picture Rex)


The video shows clear evidence that JFK was shot in the head from behind.


The reaction shows that JFK’s reactions are consistent with having been hit in the head by a bullet from a Carcano military rifle (as owned by Lee Harvey Oswald), fired from near the Texas School Book Depository building (where Oswald worked).

Did Lee Harvey Oswald kill JFK? (Getty)

Dr Nalli says, ‘Rather than gloss over this fact, as has been done by most previous authors, including anti-conspiracy authors, I chose to study and model it explicitly.

‘Given the current trendiness of news that are not based on facts, the study shows that thorough scientific investigation can make a difference in supporting one theory over another, and I therefore believe that the topic is as relevant today as it was nearly 55 years ago.’