New water fountains and bottle refill stations coming to London to combat plastic waste

A fleet of new water fountains are coming to London to help cut down on plastic bottle waste.

A total of 20 fountains will be installed across the city in the summer on shopping and commuter routes.

Businesses in areas with a number of food outlets have agreed to take part in a bottle-refill initiative from next month.

A total of 20 new water fountains are coming to London (Picture: PA)

Under the scheme, businesses would make tap water available to the public.


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The plans, which will see water fountains on locations such as Oxford Street, are part of a £750,000 three-year scheme to combat waste.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, wants to stop sending the city’s biodegradable and recyclable waste to landfill by 2026.

Mayor Sadiq Khan wants to make London more eco-friendly (Picture: PA)

If the scheme in the summer is successful, it will be rolled out all over London.

The budget will be used to install the fountains and help businesses – who have yet to be named – to promote their inclusion in the bottle refill scheme.

Mr Khan has asked local authorities in London to identify locations for free water fountains.

Network Rail has already said it would support having fountains in its train stations.