Lindsay Lohan's Dad In Trouble? Joan Rivers Threatens To Sue Over Plastic Surgery Comments

Lindsay Lohan's dad is known for getting into spats with his daughter and ex-wife Dina, but it looks like Michael has annoyed someone outside his family after he made comments about Joan Rivers' plastic surgery after the E! Fashion Police host blasted daughter Lindsay.

After Joan joked about the 27 year-old actress, who was recently released from rehab, Michael reportedly told RadarOnline the Hollywood legend is "obsessed with needles and cutting/self-mutilation," referring to her well known use of plastic surgery and botox.

“People like Joan Rivers continue to take pokes at my daughter rather than look at themselves but she needs to consider the length of time of her addictions to needles (Botox) and cutting/self mutilation (plastic surgery) which far exceed the length of most addict’s addictions,” he ranted/

“Either she has a mortician on retainer or she is getting her formaldehyde by smoking PCP. At her rate, she won't need any embalming fluid when her times comes because she has more in her than most mortuaries have in inventory."

He went on: “Focus on you, Joan and have a little compassion for people with real talent like Lindsay, who have turned their lives around."

Michael Lohan's rant didn't go down well with Joan (WENN)

However Joan didn't appreciate the comments and even threatened Michael with legal action, telling TMZ: "It's a little late to become a concerned parent,

"As for "cutting" it is totally not true and if he ever says this again, I will sue."

There's certainly no love loss between the Lohan clan and Rivers. In 2010 the pair got into a spat when Rivers made a comment about Lilo being "dumb" on Twitter, to which the Mean Girls star wrote: "In the words of 50 cent. You shouldn't throw stones if you live in a glass house and if you got a glass jaw, you should watch yo mouth."

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