Paddy And Sally's Go On An Excellent Gypsy Adventure


After being chucked in the Big Brother House together, TV’s oddest duo, Paddy Doherty (My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding) and Sally Bercow, return to Channel 5 with Paddy & Sally’s Excellent Gypsy Adventure.

Following the success of last year’s two part series When Paddy Met Sally, the odd couple are back to meet with different traveller communities across the globe. In this episode we see them travel to Andalusia in Spain to visit the Gitano gypsies.

The episode kicked off with a hilarious Segway ride to visit a world famous flamenco dance group. After the pros showcased their best moves, Sally took to the stage to show us her wild moves.

Paddy was not so keen on the flamenco, but they found out that they would be both taking lessons. Cue hilarious shopping trip for flamenco outfits. Sally and Paddy behaved like  a married couple as Paddy sulked while Sally tried on dozens of outfits that in his opinion were all “nice”.

Ever the macho man Paddy tried his hand at bull fighting next with professional Alfonso. The first of many disagreements between Sally and Paddy occurred as Sally termed the sport cruel and barbaric. Undeterred Paddy watched bull fighter Alfonso with fascination as he first taunted, then swerved to avoid the bull. Paddy couldn’t let the offer of joining the bull in the ring so he stepped down from his spectator position and had an, albeit brief, staring contest with the bull, leaving swiftly after.

After learning cape swirling tricks from Alfonso it was time for Paddy vs. Bull Round Take 2. But lo and behold the naughty production team had turned their hand to creating a fake bull on wheels. To be fair Paddy looked very relieved.

Next up for Paddy and Sally was the flamenco lesson. What was determined from this spectacle was that Paddy has two left feet and Sally’s sexy face looks quite menacing.

Their next treat came from traditional Gitano gypsy, Cooky, who invited Paddy and Sally to sample one of her traditional feasts in her cave home. Her cave home was decorated with religious iconography which sparked up a religious debate between Sally and Paddy. Tears flow freely when, as a parting gift, Paddy offers a rosary necklace to Cooky.

Next the odd couple head to the capital of the region Seville, where the Gitano gypsies live in very poor areas. Market trading is the main source of income for the gypsies here and Paddy and Sally become market traders for the day. Sally is a pro with shouts of “Bella! Bella Signorita”. Paddy was not so much the natural with his technique: “Looky! Looky!”

They then head to a run-down housing estate where market trader Luis and his family live. Sally describes it as the Bronx. Paddy describes it like Salford. Both are surprised by how lovely the home is and how they are welcomed with communal singing and dancing.

But the highlight of the show has got to be the Spanish gypsy wedding, which proved that Gypsy style definitely translates from the UK to Spain. There is a controversial virginity test which the bride is subjected to which upsets Sally, but aside from that it is a whirlwind of slutty wedding guests, diamonted brides and a dancing Sally Burcow.

Next week Paddy and Sally are set to visit Hungary probing more gypsy lives and (hopefully) doing the cute thing where they argue about something and then just agree to disagree.

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