Tom Hanks Shuns Movies To Help Kids Out At Halloween


Tom Hanks may have a $100m movie to promote, but it wasn't 'Cloud Atlas' he appeared on Stephen Colbert's show The Colbert Report to talk about.

Instead the star aimed to help kids out with their Halloween costumes, joining Colbert in a segment called 'Stephen Ghoulbert's Spooky Time Halloween Fun Guide' to give tips on what to wear on the scariest

Talking to the comedian he said: “I’m not here to talk about me or my movies… or my legacy as a living legend,” adding: “I’m here for the kids, with some great inexpensive costumes that will make for a great spooktacular Halloween."

Tom didn't seem to be much of a frightening fashionista, as his suggestions seemed to be from his old movies, not so unwittingly giving himself a boost as one was an astronaut ('Apollo 13'), a cowboy ('Toy Story'), and a rather hairy fed-ex employee carrying a volleyball ('Castaway').

The actor continued to plug, saying: "Stephen, my movie career speaks for itself—and is available on DVD and Blu-ray! It makes a great sugar-free alternative to Halloween candy, which is so important," then added: " what with America's childhood obesity epidemic."

Colbert exclaimed, "So you do care about the children," and Hanks agreed "Sure, why not?" 

Not to neglect his new film, appearing on screen were four children dressed as four of the characters he plays in 'Cloud Atlas', before one announced, "Together we are a manifestation of the same spirit through time sharing a common universal human yearning", which of course is a major film in the movie.

So we guess Hanks wasn't being so nice to the kids after all.

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