Nicola Thorp crashes her narrowboat home on 'This Morning'

Regular This Morning panellist Nicola Thorp ran into a bit of trouble today as she appeared on the show from her boat on Regent's Canal.

The former Coronation Street actor's canal boat home ran off course into a bush when she nipped below deck, while cameraman Steve was ambushed by the shrubbery.

"I am a consummate professional, I would never crash into a bush," Thorp joked before the programme showed the footage of what had unfolded before she was live on air.

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In the clip, Thorp said: "Oh my god I'm so sorry! We're going to crash!"

Nicola Thorp joked she had 'almost killed' Steve the cameraman. (ITV)

The 31-year-old chatted to hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby about her life on the narrow boat, which she came into possession of after she "had a bottle of wine and made a bid on Ebay", although owning one had been a “dream” for years.

She disclosed that she "wasn't very good" at navigating the boat, which is named Nora, even after three years.

Following a short lesson with its previous owner, she's relied on YouTube tutorials to help her along.

Nicola Thorp appeared on This Morning live from Nora the narrowboat. (ITV)

"I've fallen in once, I've jumped in twice to save two iPhones that are now in Davy Jones' locker but it's all part of the fun," Thorp added after Schofield questioned if she’d ever accidentally gone overboard.

Explaining the cons of her living situation, she shared: "The downside is I don't have a hairdryer, straighteners, or something breaks every 24 hours.

"And I end up crashing and nearly killing your lovely cameraman Steve!"

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