Is Noel Gallagher trolling himself with this 1-star album review?

Is Noel Gallagher playing the ultimate practical joke? (Credit: REX)
Is Noel Gallagher playing the ultimate practical joke? (Credit: REX)

Noel Gallagher is back! But he’s confusing everyone in the process.

In case you didn’t know, his post-Oasis band, High Flying Birds, have a new album out called Who Built The Moon?

And that’s just fine because it’s been getting rave reviews from the likes of The Sun (4.5/5) and NME (4), and we of course give it 6 out of 5.

Both ratings appear on the new TV ad for the album, accompanied by “…Perhaps his best ever” and “Noel’s best album since ‘…Morning Glory'” quotes, respectively.

But it’s the third quote and review that has left people baffled.

It comes courtesy of The Irish Times, who describe the singer-songwriter’s latest collection of future hits as “…A dried up oasis of dross” and award it a solitary one star out of five.

But how has it ended up on the actual television advert that’s meant to be promoting the album? Anyone who works in PR and advertising will know this is no accident – or is it?

Someone (or a lot of people, including Gallagher) will no doubt have had to signed off on this.

Is this a cheeky prank by the playful Mancunian or will someone’s head be rolling for this ‘error’?

People on Twitter acknowledged its authenticity (after some said the photos were fake), but were still perplexed.

We’ve absolutely no idea what’s going on, mainly because Gallagher himself hasn’t commented yet. But when he does, the chances are the joke will inevitably be on us.

His third solo album was only released at the end of November, so don’t rule out this as a sneaky publicity stunt – one that everyone will approve of and fall for.

Yahoo Celebrity has reached out to Noel Gallagher for comment.

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