Noo! Was Jon Snow's trip beyond the wall a big trap?

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Have we underestimated the Night King on Game of Thrones?

Despite suffering losses (RIP Thoros and Viserion), Jon Snow and his group succeeded in their mission beyond the wall to capture a wight.

But was the whole epic battle – which started when the squad found themselves surrounded on an island with only thin ice separating them and the army of wights – actually one massive trap set by the series' Big Bad?

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There's been a lot of discussion online, such as Reddit and Twitter, but the main points are these:

Number one. Wasn't capturing that wight conveniently easy? And wasn't it strange that the army of wights that arrived were so close by?

Number two. When Jon's crew were (again, conveniently) stranded and surrounded on that island, didn't it seem fishy that the undead waited overnight until Daenerys and her dragons almost arrived?

Number three. Did you notice that the Night King had exactly three spears? To take down three dragons, perhaps?

Number four. Why would the undead army have chains conveniently with them?

If this theory is true – and that's a big if – then that means the Night King must surely have similar abilities to Bran Stark. (Bran was marked, after all. There's even another theory going around that Bran IS the Night King...)

Anyway, the Night King was half-successful – Jon and co may have escaped with the captured wight, but the villain did bring one of Daenerys's three dragons over to his side.

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And that isn't good news.

Game of Thrones season seven concludes next Sunday (August 27) with a movie-length finale at 9pm on HBO in the US. It will be simulcast at 2am on Sky Atlantic on Monday (August 28) in the UK.

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