North Korea is 'in the early stages of another missile test'

Nick Reilly
Kim Jong-Un is reportedly going ahead with testing (AFP)

North Korea is reportedly in the early stages of testing another intercontinental ballistic missile, only a month before the South will welcome countries from across the world for the Winter Olympics.

Missile activity has been reported at the same location near Pyongyang where an ICBM test took place in November, according to CBS.

It is believed that the test is likely to take place later this week or next.

South Korea is reportedly aware of the tests and has offered high-level talks with its neighbour in an attempt to co-operate on the Winter Olympics.

In a New Year’s message to the people of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un has also confirmed that he is intending to send an Olympic team to Seoul – but maintained his fiery rhetoric against the United States.

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The latest reports of testing in North Korea come after President Donald Trump responded to Kim’s fiery rhetoric – and claimed that he would not be afraid to use the ‘more powerful’ nuclear weapons operated by the US.

‘The focus here is to continue … to apply maximum pressure on North Korea’, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Saunders confirmed.

‘And we want all of the other countries – this is not just a United States threat, this is a global threat – which is why we’re calling on everybody to step up and do more, and we’re going to continue working with a lot of different leaders and other countries to help do that, and we’re going to keep all of our options on the table.’