New Northern Lights alert tonight - the best place to catch it

The stunning Northern Lights captured in the skies above Stockingford in Nuneaton last night (May 10)
The stunning Northern Lights captured in the skies above Stockingford in Nuneaton last night (May 10) -Credit:Mark Palmer/Nuneaton Memories

The spectacle of the Northern Lights may be seen again tonight, a weather expert has said. Another geomagnetic has erupted and it could lead to another night of the incredible lights being visible from the skies.

Many could not believe their eyes on Friday night when they saw the skies filled with dancing green, blue and pink light. There were reports of people spotting the aurora borealis from Coventry to Nuneaton and much further afield across the UK.

Now, according to WalesOnline, Channel 4 weather presenter Liam Dutton has predicted they could make a return tonight (May 12). He posted on X “**LATEST NOAA SPACE PREDICTION** Further coronal mass ejections (CMEs) expected to arrive on Sunday. This means another strong or extreme geomagnetic storm is likely.

“Therefore, there may be another UK-wide showing of the aurora borealis on Sunday night - cloud permitting.” And he later added: “Geomagnetic activity will increase again today, however, as with last night, peak activity may not coincide with darkness.

“There’ll also be much more cloud around tonight, with clear spells limited. So, the chances of spotting them will be reduced somewhat.”

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Earlier this morning, scientist group AuroraWatch UK issued a yellow alert saying the phenomenon could be visible with the eye in some areas and with camera equipment more widely.

Scientists in the Space and Planetary Physics group at Lancaster University’s Department of Physics run AuroraWatch UK, which is free service offering alerts of when the aurora might be visible from the UK.

The Northern Lights appeared after the Met Office confirmed a rare severe geomagnetic storm warning for this weekend – the first in nearly 20 years. Many saw them in all of their glory on Friday.

They were visible again last night in some parts of the country but much later last night, into the early hours of this morning when many had gone to bed.

Where can I see the Northern Lights tonight?

The Met Office Space Weather centre has said that geomagnetic activity is expected to be strong to severe (G4) with a chance of an increase at times to extreme (G5) later tonight.

But there is a risk of thundery showers across the country today. This could scupper chances of seeing the aurora. However, for our area, the forecast thundery showers are set to hit this afternoon.

However, there is a chance that it will turn cloudier into the early and late evening, which may reduce visbility.

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