Notorious 'serial stowaway' pensioner evades airport security and flies from Chicago to London without a ticket

Sean Morrison
Marilyn Hartman: The pensioner snuck through security and boarded a BA flight to London: AP

A “serial stowaway” pensioner snuck through airport security and managed to fly from Chicago to London without a ticket.

Marilyn Hartman, 66, last week slipped past staff at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport and boarded a British Airways flight to Heathrow.

After arriving in the capital she was detained and sent back to the US on Thursday night before being charged with felony theft and a misdemeanour count of criminal trespass.

Chicago Police spokesman Antony Guglielmi said Hartman boarded the flight a day after she got through a security checkpoint at a domestic terminal in the US airport.

Hartman had in the past several times attempted to board planes without a ticket, news agency Associated Press reported.

In 2016, she was sentenced in Chicago to six months of house arrest and placed on two years of mental health probation.