October TV Picks: 5 shows to watch this month


Summer already feels like a distant memory but who really cares when the best television season of the year has arrived. From exciting series premieres to the return of some much-missed favourites, October is an unbeatable month for awesome TV. Here’s my pick of the best shows to add to your Autumn watchlist.

For a dose of fantasy: Westworld – Season 1 (Sky Atlantic, 4 Oct at 9PM)

When the trailer for HBO’s Westworld hit the Internet earlier this year, excitement levels went through the roof. The sci-fi/western hybrid, developed by Jonathan Nolan (younger brother of The Dark Knight’s Christopher Nolan) and Lisa Joy, is based on the 1970’s film of the same name and follows a group of people in a futuristic theme park called ‘Westworld’, where artificial beings are the main attraction. With a seriously all-star cast including Anthony Hopkins, Evan Rachel Wood, James Marsden, Ed Harris, Thandie Newton and Jeffrey Wright (the list really does go on), this upcoming thriller series is October’s most anticipated television treat. If you’ve been looking for an epic saga to fill the Game of Thrones shaped hole in your life, this is it.

For nightmare scares: The Exorcist – Season 1 (Syfy UK, 19 Oct at 9PM)

William Peter Blatty’s demonic possession novel is getting the adaptation treatment again, this time with a brand new horror series that promises to keep you up at night. Having premiered in the US last month, the 10-part supernatural horror is based on the iconic 1973 film of the same name and marks a new chapter in the terrifying tale. Categorically “not a remake”, The Exorcist takes place 40 years after the events depicted in the film, and stars Ben Daniels and Alfonso Herrera as two very different priests attempting to help one family’s case of supernatural possession. Also starring Geena Davis and Alan Ruck, this is one show you might want to watch with the lights on.

For an answer to that cliffhanger: The Walking Dead – Season 7 (Fox UK, 24 Oct at 9PM)

Finally, the revelation that every TWD fan has been waiting for is almost upon us. Who the hell met the barbed end of Negan’s bat in the season 6 finale? While the show’s creators have promised a swift and satisfying conclusion in the new season’s premiere, there’s plenty to look forward to after the victim(s) of Negan’s vicious attack is revealed. The most exciting plot point away from Negan’s rule of terror is the long-awaited introduction of Ezekiel and his pet tiger, which links in with Morgan and Carol, who will presumably find themselves in Ezekiel’s community, The Kingdom, before too long. One thing’s for certain, this season is sure to be bloody, brutal and, if Negan’s initial intro was anything to go by, more than a little batsh*t. TWD has become the series not to miss.

For your superhero fix: Arrow – Season 5 (Sky 1, 26 Oct at 8PM)

Airing one day after the new season of spin-off show The Flash, the notorious arrow-shooting vigilante is back for round five of saving his city. After the slightly underwhelming smackdown with Damien Darhk, Ollie and Felicity are the only remaining members in Team Arrow. With Dig packing his bags to rediscover his humanity and Thea quitting the superhero business to save her soul at the end of season 4, there are a few less masked crusaders on the streets of Starling. However, the latest TV spot teases Team 2.0, with new additions Curtis - AKA Mr. Terrific, Wild Dog and Artemis, all well-known DC characters. In a recent tweet, Stephen Amell also teased a possible return for original nemesis Slade Wilson, which could bring Manu Bennett back into the fold. With fresh recruits and the promise of potential reunions, the new season of Arrow is shaping up to be a good’un.

For stellar drama: Humans – Season 2 (C4, Oct TBC)


The first series of Humans – a co-production between Channel 4 and AMC - was without doubt one of the television highlights of 2015. Adapted from the Swedish series Real Humans, it questioned the consequences of creating artificial intelligence and what it really means to be ‘human’. The second series is set to continue the stellar quality of writing and acting, with almost all the cast returning (sadly William Hurt won’t be making a reappearance). There are also new cast members to look forward to, including Nashville’s Sam Palladio and Carrie-Anne Moss (Jessica Jones), as the synth vs. human story continues. While C4 haven’t announced an exact premiere date, the ‘Persona Synthetics’ ads have started circulating, meaning we shouldn’t have to wait much longer for this superb science-fiction show to be back on our screens.

Bonus Watch: Scream – Season 2 Halloween Special (Netflix, 18 Oct)

Perhaps it’s the Autumn chill in the air or the prospect of pumpkin carving around the corner, but I’m feeling generous this month, which means there’s a bonus TV pick that just happens to be Halloween themed. If you haven’t watched MTV’s teen-horror-fest Scream, there’s still time to catch the first two seasons on Netflix before the Halloween special airs. The two-hour long episode will clear up some of the unanswered questions left hanging in the season 2 finale, which saw Piper’s accomplice put in chains. With the massive hint – and apparent confirmation - that disfigured mass murderer Brandon James is still alive, the remaining teens in Lakewood need to watch their backs for the hundredth time.

Happy October viewing!